May 7, 2013


Last Friday was my youngest sister's 23rd birthday! And being the most coolest elder sister she has ever had, I decided to surprise her with a mini birthday party with the whole family. It was an intimate party where we had dinner together at my sister's house, and it went well to say the least. :D

So prior the 3rd May, I knew I had to find my sister a birthday cake, cause yeah, what are birthdays without birthday cakes, right? I immediately thought of my friend Ili, whom I have only met for the first time during the PRELOVE PARTY at Old Blossom Box just a few weeks ago. Good thing she said her May schedule was quite free, and she could fit in my sister's cake in time! Wheee!!

Nowww, the big question, what was the theme of the cake? I knew Ili was a pro in this cake business (Duh, she has her own confectionary online shop called Sugar & Vanilla), so I took the opportunity to custom order a leopard/zebra print cake! Yes, my sister, Iqa, is a sucker for anything safari-ish or something like that. Dia bajet 'nature lover'..hahaha.. And alhamdulillah, Ili said she could make it for meee!!

Here it is!

Super adorable!!

A lil close up of the details. I asked her to add some stars and a bow on the cake too.

Ariz kept bugging me for a picture with the cake! Ahaa..layankan aje.. ;p

Dinner awaits! I'm beginning to feel hungry again as I'm typing this.. hoho..

Adam, Me, Iqa & Ariz together with the cake after surprising it to the birthday gal

Pink Ombre Vanilla Cake 

I usually can't finish up a slice of cake, but this one, I totally did.

Nice kan?? Sayanggggg gilaaaa nak potonggg masa mula2 okkk! XD And all my family members ate the cake and loved the taste. The sweetness was just nice (not too sweet like some other cakes you can find), the fondant was not to thick, and the texture is just plain lovely.

When we came out of the kitchen to surprise Iqa with this cake, I saw it in her eyes that she was truly truly flabbergasted to be receiving such an adorable cake. Yes, I know, I know, you're welcome, Iqa.. hehehe..

Well, that's the story of my sister's birthday cake. haha.. It's such a remarkable cake, it deserves an entire essay for it! Kudos Ili! I hope my sisters will read this post and actually surprise me with one cake from Sugar & Vanilla next year! Cause she makes custom made cakes, cupcakes, cookies and jellies, decorative desserts and also continental cakes. Oh btw, if you wanna contact her for orders or any inquiries, here you go:

Instagram - @ilinaquiah
(Occasions - weddings, birthdays, hantaran, events etc)

And here's two of my looks wearing the same checkered skirt I currently adore.. 

Military cardi: Valleygirl
Bag: Furla

Tee: H&M
Clutch: Aldo

Lastly, look what came in the mail today! I finally got ma hands on these scarves from Lil Mrs Polkadot from Singapore! When I say I wear these viscose scarves, I literally mean ONLY.. haha.. I love the maxi size, the lightweight material, the everything lah hahaha... If you wanna see a video tutorial on how I wear my shawl everyday, click here.

If you are a lover for these maxi shawls, you can visit Lil Mrs Polkadot's instagram [@lilmrspolkadot]

For Malaysian buyers, 
Plain maxi shawls : RM28 each 
Printed maxi shawls: RM33 each 
(Price inclusive of registered mail) 
Payment via CIMB or Maybank transfer. 

For Singaporean buyers, 
Plain maxi shawls: Sgd 10 each 
Printed maxi shawls: Sgd 12 each 
(Price inclusive of normal mail) 
Payment via Posb transfer. 

 For further enquiry, Whatsapp Lil Mrs Polkadot at +6593807727

Woohooo, can't wait to rock these out! 
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Gadis Gingsul said...

kak'shea makin cantik aja...

suka dgan rok kakak...

salam hangat dari indonesia :)

Schajar McFlurry said...

Yey! Actually looking for cupcakes shop for mother's day.. great timing~!

SHIHAAM said...

Love your second look :)

LaiLa said...

Love the second outfit, the skirt it's so beautiful!

And that cake! it looks great!


tarafilliana said...

hi shea, I'm indonesian. loving your fashion taste.


LaLa mhdnor said...

i love ur outfits, especially the grey one =D

Andina Irvani (Dina) said...

Hi dear :) Love ur post!!
Please take a look at my hijab fashion blog

gadishebat. said...

shea, I have limited pieces tie dye, material cotton jersey, hope u can take a look on it.

thank you.

didie said...

fell in love with your emerald green furla, I ordered one right away! thanks to you :)

NANA said...

seriously very beautiful and furious.

Sizzling Suzai said...

oh thanks for the tutorial n yup ive been wondering all this time along on hw camne gaya putaran itu terjadi hehe..sure will try to lock in soon ;) ohh btw the bloopers mmg BEST! hahahaha