May 5, 2013


Sometime last week, I was invited to the media lunch preview of the newly launched collab between Zalora x Rizalman! I hadddd to say yes! Rizalman is a very talented and very-sought-after fashion designer in Malaysia whom just never fails us! One girl like me, could ever dream to actually wear one of his designs, but yes, it's goes beyond what my pocket has to offer haha.. One day Shea.. Never stop believing. Someday your wish might come true. *wishes*

For this year, he collaborated with Zalora in producing something I might say Ready-To-Wear-Couture. This brings hope to girls like me okayyy! 

Enough words, more piccas!

The mono-color collection
For those who can't get enough of bold prints and patterns!

Tie dye / Kaftan magic! 

Black swan in a dress

I just lurve the fact that he played with various types of silhouettes and the usage of different patterns and concepts was truly maximised. I mean, with only one collection, I think he has met most of ya'll ladies' unique taste in clothing, right? I purposely grouped these photos in their 'mini-groups' so that you can easily point out which style you like the most. Now pick! :p

You can also visit Rizalman for Zalora's page to see other lovely pieces..
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Arfahani Arsad said...

3rd dress in black collection is amazing! bold prints and patterns? *faint* haha

Ms Princessa said...

Beautiful dresses and kaftans! But they're so expensive :(

Anis Athia said...

Love the mono color collection and black swan in a dress :D