June 11, 2013


Ooohhh the name sounds majestic, doesn’t it? That’s cause the newly launched Summer 2013 handbag collection from Guess is actually to die for! And I specifically love this Bellville Collection as you can see from my images below.

Last week I visited the Guess Accessories boutique at The Gardens, and my god, I regretted walking in. haha.. Cause I found myself glued to everything in the store! Huwaa! I was looking for my soon-to-be Eid handbag, so I think I might have just found the one!

The bags are overall fun and chic all at once. I just love the additional animal print feature available on each bag. It just brings out the wild side in you! Be it a tote, a slingbag, or a shoulder bag, Bellville is what I call--perfection. Gahhhh I want them all!! I have always loved Guess’ handbags. Even my first designer handbag I received as a gift from my dad was from Guess!

The first one is the ultra sexy carryall that I simply adore. Suitable for all you working ladies, who’s got everything in her hands, and just needs the extra space a bag can have. The color is neutral too, that way it looks polished and finished, perfect for the corporate world you are in.

Looking for something bright and fun? Then this satchel below is your best bet! The combination of yellow and purple fuchsia is just too adorable for anyone to resist. I highly recommend students and young working professionals to opt for this Bellville satchel for it will definitely be the talk of the town while you’re parading it on your shoulders.

And lastly is my favorite. This top handle flap bag comes with an additional sling strap, making your movements a lot freer, and of course, it comes in a smaller package. The snake skin print surely adds some umph to the nude base, and I’m sure you’ll be using this bag foreverrrr as it is super handy!


Look who I bumped into while I was busy going through my Bellville lovesss.. It’s Wani from shazwanihamid.com!

I’m sure you want one for yourself too, right?
Here’s how to win one!

 1. Snap a photo of the most original animal print coordination - using outfits, accessories, designs etc. via Instagram
 2. Share through Blog, Facebook & Twitter and get as many likes as you can.
 3. The 5 participants with the best photos and highest ‘likes’ on Instagram & Facebook will win a GUESS animal print handbag from the Bellville or Carlow collection worth up to RM500 each. 
4: Don't forget to hashtag #GUESSMYBAG and #BELLVILLE and #animalprints too! Dat way it'll be easier for me to see your submissions ;)

Contest ends 17th June so hurry!

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Medinaa Hijab said...

hi shea :) for the poppy tops,what colour and size are u wearing? look pretty on ya !;)

Arfahani Arsad said...

I guess I can only watch the GUESS bag from far cuz I'm still a student,hehe.. anyway, you look gorgeous sis! nude colour look the best on you! from far away love - Arfa :)

Syafiqah Hashim said...

goodluck kak shea!! :D

Nurol Zuhaini Baharoddin said...

Shea cantik pakai top poplook..tetiba rasa nak beli...^^

Nurol Zuhaini Baharoddin said...

Shea sangat cantik...^^

NinaAz said...

Gambar first y beg warna pepel tu cantikkkk. Waaaaaaa

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