June 4, 2013


There are times when you have a dress, and you just don't know what hijab color should you pair it with, right? Why not match your scarf to your bag/clutch? And I must say, today's look somehow reminds me of the ocean themed color. Or maybe the globe ehehe.. Ahh.. Which means I am in dire need of a vacation at the beach! :D

Maxi shawl: @lilmrspolkadot (instagram shop)
Kate EXCLUSIVE Dress (in new colors!) : EDZ Boutique
Lucite clutch: Zara
iPhone case: Moschino

I spent the day reading my Aquila Style tablet edition in my iPad, and boy, was it calming. I have always been an avid reader of Aquila Style magazine, and today, my girls, I wanna let you know that I am working with Aquila Style!! :D

All praises to the Al-mighty, I am so happy to be offered a reputable position in Aquila Style. After graduating my Masters, I applied for a position in Aquila, and lo and behold, my prayers were answered! Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah :D

I love fashion so much, and I love reading and writing about it, so I figured, I wanna work in an editorial company where not only I work for them, but I can learn so much from too. No wonder 'Aquila' means 'aqal' in Arabic. That's why I have so much respect for this magazine as it does not focus on fashion and beauty only, but intellect as well.

If you love Aquila Style too, then you might've have the slightest clue about what I'm saying, right? But if you're new, and never heard of this magazine, then you're in luck! You can get so many insightful articles and inspirations from this magazine. Plus, I learnt to brush up my english so much, thanks to Aquila! :D

You can simply download the app the appStore or Google Play like how I did. I love the tablet version so much, as it is more interactive and you can play videos and obtain a more versatile way of reading. Tak caye, sudah.. hahaha..

P/s: You can read a couple of my humble articles here
P/p/s: If you wanna contribute stories and collaborate your businesses or have us feature your brand with Aquila Style, you can always email me at shearasol@gmail.com . We at Aquila welcome you! :D
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fufu said...

Congrats Shea......:))

fufu said...

Congrats Shea......:))

PYNLaces said...

Oh my dear.love it.blue....ok, I will try to find out about this aquila..he3.admire your clutchhh.

LaLa mhdnor said...

congrats shea :)

nice outfits, love it ;)

sue. said...

a big congratulations to u Shea!! Alhamdulillah...proud of u Mama Shea!

mama leen said...

tahniah shea.. <3

Mrs Rashdan (Li'in Raduan) said...

Hi Shea,

Hope you're doin' fine. I've been reading your blog since years ago, and I found that you are a very positive person and inspiring too.

Congratulations for have landed on your dream career. I wish you success in your future undertakings.


Li'in Raduan.

miera victs said...

I loved if used to jual yr preloved dress bcs I like yr style so much shae . I keep look at yr insta when I nak matchkan baju I since i'm not good in tht . Hehe. Thanks fr yr tips and hope so I can dress up like you pretty shae :)

RNadia said...

Congratulations babe!!! :D So happy for you! Suits you too well! All praises to the Ultimate Giver. Have fun! I saw your picture in an email I've just received *wink* I'll see you soon God-willing. Much love and light!

RFK said...

Your Moschino teddy phone case is too cute! I wanted to purchase this from netaporter but it had sold out. I settled for the duck, and I love it to bits too!

K xx
Royal Fuchsia Kohl
The Past and Pending

RFK said...

This dress looks even better in high resolution than it does on Instagram. I'm keen in getting one too but really haven't got a place to wear it to sadly. Also your Moschino teddy phone case is so adorable! I wanted to purchase it off Netaporter but it had sold out and so I settled for the duck which is just as cute!
K xx
Royal Fuchsia Kohl
The Past and Pending

P U C A T said...

adore ur style sis!!

look awesome and gorgeous in any way :)

Raihan Ridzwan said...

salam,sis !~majalah aquila ni ada jual kat kedai macam majalah2 dara,wanita hijabista yg lain ke ?

btw,saya peminat baru blog akak!:)

Raihan Ridzwan said...

salam sis ,majalah Aquila ni mmng ada jual ke ?saya baru tahu pasal mjalah ni ,btw im your new blog admire <3

Raihan Ridzwan said...

salam sis,aquila ni ada jua kat pasaran tak ? saya baru tahu pasal majalah ni :) macam best,thank you.

ekin schmidt said...

cantik baju tu.
otw ngah keluarkan jubah dres .
jubah for women yg kembg mcm princess.

will update later on ekinrazalli.com

btw, please report this fan page .
pencurik gambar prempuan. tgkla kalau kot2 ad gmba korang sbb sy xkenal semua org dlm dunia ni :)