July 5, 2013


Wanna know what’s my current fav supplement?  It’s Pharmaton of course! It contains the Standardized Ginseng Extract G115! My night routine would basically consist of me reading a book/magazine, while I sip some green tea. And just before I head to bed, I take a dose of my Pharmaton to ensure I am energized the following day.

Look at my adorable teapot and teacup set given to me from as one of Pharmaton’s powerpack. It spells me all over it hehe..

The other day I had the opportunity to join other bloggers and attended a tea party organized by Pharmaton. In all seriousness I was basically expecting something formal and serious. But I was totally wrong! I had the time of my life until I even forgot to snap pics of myself. Why are you always like this, Shea?

So during the tea party, the brand representative briefed us about the importance of not just living. But living a healthy life. Listened to her speak I felt really bad for myself coz for a moment there my mind went wandering, thinking of how I really take care of my physical health.

And afterwards, the activity and games started! I just love when events do this, y’know? Cause I get to mingle and at the same time learn a thing or two from the games itself! See Nisa below? Kemain diaaaa haha..

Then after the games session ended, we went back to our seats, and somehow everybody got themselves glued to Pharmaton’s rep talking about the product and also it’s relation to our human body. For instance, as a Muslim, during Ramadhan, you know that feeling of being lethargic, right? So when you consume a tablet of Pharmaton just after you sahur, you won’t realize that you haven’t eaten anything the whole day onwards cause you are already energized. Cool!

And I just knew about this one thing. Stress is divided into two. Positive stress and negative stress. And the funny thing is, positive stress is actually good for you! Let’s say during the exam month, I’m sure you’d be stressed out, right? And that stress my ladies, are the positive stress. Which will in fact can motivate you into achieving your goal. All you need to do is feed your positive stress with the proper nutrients it needs.

And since I just graduated, I know how it feels to be a student and having those student-related stress issues. C’mon, assignments, deadlines and exams are everywhere. And with the constant need to make sure you perform well while competing healthily with your classmates, will surely get to you somehow, right? Too bad I didn’t know about Pharmaton earlier. If not I would’ve made sure I take them religiously. Cause it will indeed help me in improving my concentration, alertness and memory retention.

And with the benefits of consuming Pharmaton  each day, I’m sure I won’t feel so sluggish like how I always do cause I sleep kinda late. Boohoo. Here are the benefits for your information:
  •     Helps cells in the oxygen uptake
  • ·      Enhances cell protection
  • ·      Optimizes cell and body’s performance
  • ·      Improves concentration, alertness and memory retention
  • ·      Improves physical and mental performance
  • ·      Combats the symptoms of stress and tiredness
  • ·      Helps the body to adapt in stress situations
Everybody with their powerpacks! :D

Lastly, the session ended with loads of smiles! Why? Cause of that big box we’re holding! Haha.. No lahh.. It’s just a great feeling knowing that you learnt something informative and beneficial for your body so you can begin to take good care of them while you’re still young and healthy :D

For more info about Pharmaton, visit here: www.pharmaton.com.

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elyna mirsada said...

pelajar or org dah bekerja xdpt lari drp stress kn. ^_6


i saw cikepal daydreaming while looking at the 'star'. hahaha... berangan kawen lettew... hehe.