June 20, 2013


All loyal POPPY fans, please stand up!

*standing up*

Hehehe.. Yup my title says it all.. Finally POPPY, the in-house brand of Malaysia's 'it' brand--The Poplook has launched their new POPPY Raya Collection 2013! Pssst, I've got first dibs in seeing them pieces, and I tell you, I literally melted :p

They range from one-piece to two-piece dresses and in various colors that you could ever imagine.

See the video below and you might just agree with me..

Ahhh, so fun, right?? But of course the collection will be launched in 4 stages, and I was told that every launch is really exclusive, duh, it should be since it's for Eid, right? So every design comes in limited quantities. So if you happen to love a particular design, hesitate no more!

I love how they played with various silhouettes, prints and styles to accommodate every unique girl with a unique taste out there. Best part yet, is that the price won't hurt your wallet--coolness.

I decided to show you girls how the Magnolia looks on a chubby girl like me. Yes, I just cannot wait until Eid to wear my Eid outfit like that haha.. And I believe that I will reuse Magnolia on the morning of the first day of Eid to go for our special Eid prayers! :D

I just love how it makes me look slim even though I am actually not hahaha.. and of course subtle lace details just ensures your look will always be modest :)

Magnolia Dress : POPPY Raya Collection 2013
Maxi shawl: @lilmrspolkadot (instashop)
Bag: Chanel
Rings: H&M
Heels: Mom's

Go and POPPY-fy your Eid at The Poplook! Cause the first launch is out, and to be updated about the other 3 launches, follow their facebook page here.
Don't blame anyone if they run out of stock, okayyy.. I warned you :pp
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nurulfana said...

kak shea, can u tell me what size are u wearing?

Alisha Melissa Mah said...

Masya'Allah you were able to purchase this before it went live online is it? Wanted to get one with this color, but they were sold out so soon. :(

huda tapir said...

I literally melted??

Buck up your English. Do you even know what literally means?

shea said...

Huda Tapir:
Yes, I really know what it means.
Did you notice the smiley face after it? ";p"
can't take a joke?

thank you, english teacher :)

Hanna Banana said...

salam, nak tanya sikit, ada getah ke kat pinggang tu? ke totally loose? thanks and it looks awesome on you btw :)