July 17, 2013


I love kaftans. Specifically because of it's loose and baggy nature. So I had to have Emlyn's new kaftan range which was supposed to be from their Eid collection. But I just couldn't wait to wear it ekeke..

Maxi Shawl: Ameemoo
Jannah Kaftan: Emlyn
Necklaces: Gahh can't remember
Same ol bag: Chanel

And ooohh, I got great news for you!

In continuation of our last year's tradition, and also not forgetting the holy spirit of Ramadan, my gurlies and I have decided to pay another visit to Rumah Permata Hatiku and simply provide them with love and care on this 27th July. 

But erm, what would an event be without some gifts, eh? Especially for the 14 orphaned girls and 6 orphaned boys in that home, we decided to collect some moolahs to help them fix whatever that needed fixing in their house, to make it a more comfortable place to stay at. Get them school supplies, foods, domestic supplies and also brand new Eid outfits! :D

When we spent our day there last year, it was definitely an eye-opener for each of us, and I somehow feel like the amount of help we gave could never replace their happiness of having their parents around.


But, whatever it is, we'll do as best as we can to make them feel happy, cause yeah, seeing them happy, makes us happy.

*posters by me*

This project is initiated, organised, and supported by my Scarflets' sisters--Lyna, Me, Nanie, Farah, Yana, Yanny, Maria, Rina, Tia, Azlin, Uyyun, Ika Radiusite, Jezmine, Aishah, Ami, Farah Lee, omygosh, sape lagi ek.. every Scarflets lah! Haha.. I'm such a nenekkkk.. Lupa already!

Basically we will have a short session of fun and games, gift giving ceremony, then have iftar together with the whole clan, and perform taraweekh together.

So if you wanna join in this fun, in terms of financial support, the info is on the poster above, and whatever amount you donate, be it small or big, masyaAllah, only Allah azza wa jalla can repay you. And we will be ever so grateful to you. When we perform taraweekh together with the children, I'll make sure prayers will be sent to each and every soul that sincerely sends their love to these amazing children :)

Doa dari seorang anak yatim insya Allah makbul...ya Allah! :'(

Do pray so that this year's event will be remarkable as the last! :D

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Me As My Self said...

subhanallah allah will repay u guys.. Smga berjaya 4 this project..insyallah

Syafiqah Hashim said...

that jannah kaftan lawa! kalau ada warna emerald green lg superbb..

Fari Iswani Che Ismail said...

Gonna post this poster on my fb if u don't mind me sharing..

Sizzling Suzai said...

Woww a very exclusive one..love it!