July 24, 2013


The collection is complete!

What collection you ask? Why it's POPPY's 2013 Raya Collection, of course! :D

And today I had on my lovely Linaria dress which I just can't get enough of cause I have been looking everywhere for a 'painting-like' printed dress. I was over the moon when I saw Poppy has a range of Linaria for me to choose from.

I bet you'll be glued to the prints on my dress as much as I did!

It's like I'm growing a garden on my dress! :DD

Maxi shawl: @lilmrspolkadot (instashop)
Linaria Dress: Poppy by The Poplook
Bag: Mulberry bayswater

Lemme feast your eyes on the full POPPY Raya Collection. Did you notice that the names of every designs are actually the name of flowers? Ahhh so cute!! I secretly wish The Poplook is my wardrobe ok. I wish. But I guess it's not too late though. You can still have every exclusive piece right after the jump :)

If you ask me, I will describe the entire collection to be young, fun and adorable! Just what I would dress up as for Eid this year. Or every year for that matter haha.. I'm glad I can visit Eid open houses in these oh-so-comfy pieces.. Whee!

Don't forget to take a peep on the POPPy's 2013 Raya Collection!

Till then my dumplings! ;)
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suhadah saad said...

Too nice !

Yuyu said...
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Yuyu said...

Salam Shea. Quick Q. Tried to check out the link but could not find the lunaria dress. Is it out yet? Really want it!

ekin schmidt said...

it nice suit with u :)