July 1, 2013


Recently I was invited to attend the launch of Kate SS Collection. And gawshh.. you have to see the setting and also the products they currently have! But before that, let’s see the Kate TV commercial first,

Feels like I’m standing in front of some wealthy socialite’s vanity, right?? Well, let’s take a closer look..

This eyeshadow palette is actually arranged in a way so that it can guide you on where to put a certain color on a certain area of your eyelids. I lurve. Cause, heck yeah I can never tell which color goes where actually. 

And yes, I’ve told you time and time again that I love makeup, and I’m just not that good at it. So when looking for a makeup product, I would prefer something that provides a guide to noobs such as me.. kekeke..

Rich colors calls for rich settings! Haha don’t be fooled. Even though the new Kate SS collection seems like it would cost you a bomb, trust me, it won’t! That’s cause you can simply get yours at any local drugstores near you.

Here’s how it looks on Kate’s booth. And you can see there how perfectly shaded your eyes will be with this range. And of course, these eyeshadow palettes have a bit of shimmer, which makes it perfect for that glow at night, and making your eyes seems fresh in the day.

So this time around, I wanna try something different. I would love to show you girls how I put on my eye makeup for occasions and events where I don’t feel like looking plain--in this video below! But do note, that my makeup technique might differ from many other professionals out there. And this is just to show you how I do it.. Heee..

I’m the type of girl who really2 doesn’t know how to apply makeup on me. So what I basically do is, find a good quality makeup that makes application easier for me. And Kate SS Collection is my current answer! Plus, I have lotsa wedding events of family and friends to attend to. This makeup range might just come in handy! :D

My favorite has got to be the slim gel pencil and shiny eyelid liner. You can see those items at the start up the video. Cause to me, any type of makeup that ensures easy application, is such a bonus for a makeup noob like me. And of course, the gel shiny eyelid liner will make your eyes look bigger, which is just awesome!

You can find Kate at any local beauty drugstores such as Sasa, Watsons and also Parkson. View here for the complete list.

For more beauty tutorials, you can check these cool pages:

Best part for today is, GIVEAWAY!! (You think I’m gonna let ya’ll leave without a giveaway?) :D
Giveaway question:
What do you love about kates spring summer collection?

Comment your answer below, with your full name and email as well. And I will pick 5 lucky winners! Open for Malaysians only (for the winner have to pick up their prize at Nuffnang’s office, in Jalan Yap Ah Shak soon), and contest ends this 1st July 12pm!
The winners will win 1 each:
4x goldish eyes eyeshadow
1x shiny eyelid liner 

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Anis Athia said...

The colour suit for any ocassion, thus help me to save my budget on makeup.. Hehehe ^_^

Full name : nur anis athia bt mohd rozi
Email : anis_athia@yahoo.com

faRaa_♥ said...

What i love about kate spring summer collection is the variety and the latest trend color series that it introduces that creates shimmering mysterious looks with jewel-like effect to those who apply it. For me, itt gives me more confidence to shine bright like a diamond without having to apply thick make up. Girls would surely be crazy over this collection because i know i am!^^ thanks Shea for this review ;)

Email : far15_farhana@yahoo.com

Syafiqah Hashim said...

hi Kak Shea, pika nak join Giveaway Kak Shea ni..bismillahirahmanirahim :)

Q: What do you love about kates spring summer collection?

A: Gold color gift a glamorous and gorgeous effect to all ladies out there..anything that connected with gold definitely it is an exclusive and elegant! same goes with The Kate's Spring Summer Collection..This Collection makes any girls out there be more confident and feel exclusive when they apply The Kate's Spring Summer Collection..Its will help enhance their looks and feel some luxury..teehee~

this is what my opinion for this Kate's Spring Summer Collection :)

Thank You Kak Shea ^_^

Syafiqah Hashim said...

***some text missing**

heee....tertinggal details..

Full Name: Syafiqah Hashim
Email: syafiqah_girlz@yahoo.com.my

Mazlina Masngut said...

Assalamualaikum Shea,
Being forever in awe with your fashion style, I can't help but drooling over how radiant and effortlessly chic you look every single day!
Now, back to business.What I love about the Kate SS Collection is the acronym SS which actually represents what the collection is all about- Shiny & Summery! The colour pallet screams both iridescent and glamour glow suitable for that casual and breezy look for day and channel that diva glam at night. Talk about the GOLD factor which screams wow, right? Learning to grow up wearing makeup (after all, I'm a girl *coughs*) while living in a tropical country like Malaysia, getting the right makeup products is crucially important: to look fab and the makeup stays put all-day long! Hoping I'd be among the lucky winners to try and experience the Kate SS Collection like you did, Shea! Muchos gracias Shea for the awesome giveaway! XDD

Name: Mazlina Nina Binti Masngut
Email address: maz.nina6@gmail.com

Syafirah Ruslan said...

pretty shea is just pretty !

harani said...

Do you not have real posts anymore? these are all paid advert

ekin schmidt said...

kucing tu comel giler!
nak peluk 20min bole ? :)