July 10, 2013


As you've seen from my instagram updates last weekend, I was in Jakarta for this year's Sisterhood event organised by Dian Pelangi! :D

I was the guest star last year, and of course, I had a swell of an amazing time there, I NEED to come back again this year cause I just love everything about it. So, Nurul and me booked our flight tickets and headed of to Jakarta. Being the most sweetest friend ever, Dian Pelangi herself treated us with utmost sincerity and kindness. I don't know how to repay her ok!

And below are my outfits for the entire weekend trip. Of course I didn't just wear these 3, but whatever haha..

Day 1 - Airport Outfit

Don't get me wrong, I wore this outfit straight from the airport to Jakarta cause I knew that I was gonna attend the event straight away as soon as I reach there. So yeah, my comfiest wedges were with me from 7am-12am straight-full on! :D

And yeah, I wanted to wear something that's airport-ready, and also appropriate enough for the event later on. So this is what I came up with. And my boho reverse cardigan can be worn two-ways! I can just turn it inside out, and voila, I have a new top...ngeee :B

Maxi shawl: @lilmrspolkadot
White shirt: vintage
boho Reverse Cardigan: Spotlight (Fashion Valet)
Trousers: H&M
Wedges: Rubi
Bag: Chanel

 Day 2 - Sisterhood Main Event

And this my lovelies, is an outfit that practically spells ME. I had the skirt made just for this event, and has saved it just so I can wear it during my stay in Jakarta. I love black, and I love pink. I love big, voluminous skirts, and I love tucked in shirts and clinched waist. Ahhh!

So, to add a pop of fun in my outfit, I paired my whole look with a bright green platform heels from ShoesShoesShoes. It has been calling out my name since the day I saw it at Fashion Valet, and now it's on my feet! Happppyyy!

Maxi shawl: @lilmrspolkadot
Pink shirt: Brands Outlet
Skirt: Made it myself
Necklace: H&M
Dani Piped Platform Heels: ShoesShoesShoes (Fashion Valet)
Bag: Chanel

Day 3 - Visit Jakarta 

Yep, as ya'll can see on this sub-title, that the Sisterhood event is actually over, and we were all dead tired! Me, Nurul, Ascia and her hubs, and Nadiah (our nicest LO who took care of us during our stay in Jakarta) all woke up pretty late due to the full day event we had the previous day. 

So it was a chilling kinda day, and I wanted to visit a few places in Jakarta, of course I have to have my sandals on this time hee.. And I picked the cosiest form of attire I could think of--oversized tees and also flowy skirts. Added a vintage scarf on my chest as the material of the tee was a bit clingy, and most of all, to add zest in my total look.

Square scarf: vintage
Oversized cropped tee: Korea
Pleated skirt: Kara (Indonesia)
Sandals: Mango
Bag: Chanel
Necklace: Diva

Stay tuned to witness what the event is all about, soon, on le blog! :D


P/s: My first ever styling job for Aquila Style is up in the July 2013 issue! Have you subscribed to the magazine, yet? I'm sure you won't regret it as the fashion spread itself is interactive! I can't show you the dynamic movements of the spread here cause I simply print-screen this image below, so you gotta check them out for yourself :D 

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aishah amin said...

shea u need to make me one of dem skirts! love the skirt guuurl!! xx

ekin schmidt said...

skirt hitam tu cantik!
waist dia getah ke tak?

ayapunyacinta said...

shea pleaseee make extra of that supa dupa lovely skirt and sell it. Cantikkkk

syarina azreen said...

Sheaaaaaaaaa!!!!! U made a very very very santeeeekkkkkkk skirt!

Sizzling Suzai said...

ohhh loving all these jakarta outfit! yup especially the black skirt, the cutting is so chic lorh...sgt suke!

suhaila razak said...

kak shea, nak skirt hitam tu jugak. make it one for me too :)
cantik sgt ok skirt tu !!!!