July 22, 2013


Still in a rut figuring out what to wear for Eid this year? Why not get yourself some Syomir Izwa X Surisara to compliment your special day.. Cause, lemme show you mine hehehe... I just loveeee my Kenanga kurung moden dress. Especially the embroidery.. cause it's not too over the top, and basically can become a top I can pair with any other skirt/pants even after Eid. Thank youuuu Surisara for producing this snazzy piece! 

Oh, and remember, girls from size S to 6XL can get your hands on the entire collection. Whee!

Kenanga Dress: Syomir Izwa X Surisara
Heels: Kiss & Tell
Bag: Louis Vuitton


And I have great news for all you SK-II lovers!!

I am a new user of SK-II, cause I saw with my own eyes, how well it did to my friend, Yuyu Zulaikha's skin. After not seeing her for about a month or so, I bumped on to her at an event, only to find that her skin is totally glowing! So when I asked her what product she uses, she said it was SK-II. And since her wedding bells are just around the corner, I believe that she was totally satisfied with the whole set she used. And now I am a SK-II user too! All thanks to Yuyu hehe...

And did you know, all in, about 200 beauty bloggers from nine Asian countries took part in the survey (Which I took part too). The findings -- nearly 90% agreed that they were satisfied with the results and both SK-II STEMPOWER Essence and Cream had an effect on their skin.

Now, now, only for my readers, you can purchase the exclusive Stempower Essence Kit (The Stempower Essence Kit comprises SK-II Stempower Essence 30ml, SK-II Facial Treatment Essence 30ml and SK-II Skin Signature 3D Redefining Mask 1pc.) worth of RM567 for only RM395!! On top of that, when you purchase that kit, you will receive an additional free gift of SK-II Stempower Rich Cream 15g worth RM156. 

*faints cause who wants to give you RM156 worth of free stuff?*

The steps are:

1) Mention this code  SK2 AMETHYST when purchasing your Stempower Essence Kit at your local SK-II counters (Malaysia only).

2) Pay for your purchase (RM395), get a voucher, and come back to SK-II's counter on the 18th of August 2013 to get your Stempower Essence Kit + Free SK-II Stempower Rich Cream 

Easy peasy! 

Just to let ya'll know that only with the code mentioned above, only then you are entitled to purchase the most wanted kit. And get the free cream too. Without the code, you will not get that price, and the free Rich Cream (worth RM156). So if you miss this opportunity, the next time you wanna purchase this whole set, it'll cost you RM723. Waaaa..

That's why they had to make this sort of like a preorder and that's why that code is important for you and me (cause I'm gonna get mine with that code too! Ekeke), cause the item itself is hot, hot, hot! And it arrives Malaysia on the 18th of August :D

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ColourFulsara a.k.a LukisLukih said...

shea.. kak bb here. SKII mmg terbaik.. and shea semakin kurus. lama tak jumpa..

Ina Lathifah Siregar said...

The outfit looks simple yet elegant, really love you how to dress up! ♡
I wish they can make a shipping to Indonesia hihi

Carl Lesmana said...

kak shea comey :)

Sishi Semet said...

you look so pretty in that gorgeous dress!

annelatief said...

trust me dear…SKII will do miracle to your skin :) -3 yrs SKII user

annelatief said...

trust me dear…SKII will do miracle to your skin :) -3 yrs SKII user

Kathy Juhardin said...

Assalamualaikum,hi Shea..glad that finally found a blogger wearing hijab with style yet at least covering chest and arms.a good inspiration to teenagers and hijabers!please dont change your look.LOVE IT!