July 15, 2013


Calling all you girlies!

The ever so popular Malaysia’s hair care brand--Sunsilk is here again in search of 10 talented fashion designers and 10 hijab models to showcase themselves on Islamic Fashion Festival’s (IFF) runway at the end of this year!


For designers, they need to submit sketches of their designs,
And for models, submit their pictures
Through Sunsilk’s facebook app here.
(Contest ends 31st July 2013)

Supa dupa simple!

I mean like, helloooo, it’s IFF! Perfect for those who wants to receive such recognition towards your work, and I believe IFF is the perfect platform for you to kick off. And of course, strutting the runway during IFF, is every girl’s dream I tell you. I had my once in a lifetime experience last week, and it was fun! :D

So, my darling Sunsilk, whom I’ve been using on my hair for the last decade, with  Nano Complex was co-created with 7 of the world's best hair experts. They take hair care secrets from behind closed salon doors to give you beautiful expert-touched hair. Become a fan and get best ever exclusives like tips, styles, promos, and giveaways.

No wonder Sunsilk believes that everyone deserves beautiful hair!
And look what I saw on Sunsilk’s facebook page….my friends!!

Haha… I mean, Sunsilk does make your dream come true! I don’t think Jezmine, Fatin and Adriani have once ever thought they could be the face of Sunsilk, right? Best part of all, whether you’re a hijabi or non-hijabi, Sunsilk appreciates everyone! :D

Yep, best parts of my day are when I just stepped out of the shower, hair all clean and fresh, all thanks to Sunsilk! Nowww, I feel like entering the contest myself, haha! Who knows, I might get the same chance as you do :D

Time to bring out those sketches!

Good Luck, everyone!

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Nikita Kimistri said...

All the best, shea! ;)

Yasmin said...

how to submit? cant open ur link to sunsilk fb app

Nadda said...

your sketch looks lovely! good luck and ramadan kareem xx