July 4, 2013


I'm madly in love with anything gem-printed fabrics! And this particular kimono top with printed gems all over it from The Poplook has certainly caught my attention hee.. Sometimes a girl just gotta get those blings on y'know? Teehee..

Maxi shawl: @lilmrspolkadot (instashop)
Gem printed kimono top: The Poplook
Maxi dress: The Poplook
Bag: Chanel

And next is my last night's look that I wore to Mazlinanul Maznan's New York Raya fashion show. I adore the jubah-esque cutting, but with the flair of a maxi dress. The dress is completely sheer, so it gave me that light, flowing effect which is plain lovely! 

Of course, if you happen to have a similar clothing where the sheerness of the material is your worry, just wear inner tops or skirts in DARK colors. It will help minimise the sheer effect, but at the same time not diminishing it at all. 

And my shawl, isn't it the cutest thing ever?? Whenever I feel shy around people, I just play with those baubles ehehe...ngada! :p

Sheer chiffon Iris dress: Kimi's On Web
Bauble maxi scarf: Ameemoo
Bag: Chanel (My current fav bag! ;D)


And, what's the best way to start of the month of July?
It's this......

- Harian Metro (30th June 2013) -

- ViVi Magazine Malaysia (July 2013 issue) -

Thank youuuuu to every media that has featured the ever so little me. I feel very honoured to be given a full-page spread feature in Malaysia's popular newspaper, Harian Metro, and also Japan based Vivi magazine! Ahhh, syukur ya Allah :)

Thank you, dear writers, and thank you to ya'll who's reading this for your neverending support!

On a side note, Aquila Style is looking for prominent Muslimah personalities to be featured in our 'Eid Around The World' piece in our August issue, and it would be lovely if you could suggest me some from your very own country. You can come from anywhere, Africa, North Western countries, USA, the Middle East, South  America, South East Asia---anywhere! We love you! :D

You can email me at: shearasol@gmail.com for any suggestions ;)
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Scarfs Scarves said...

You have nailed the look. We would love to feature you on our website http://ScarvesOrScarfs.com

Myra Abdullah said...

wah congrats sis =)

love your 'LOVE sunglass'

Pika said...

salam,kak shea beli dekat mana heart-shaped sunglasses tu?

ekin schmidt said...

tak payah nak pergi intiview awk lg.
amek je gmbar2 dlm blog ni .
sbb gmba2 dlm blog ni sume dah cantik2 :)

Nikita Kimistri said...

Assalam sis,

I really like the chiffon Iris dress!!! Honestly.

Have a nice day (:

Elif Putrisari said...

really nice Model Baju Batik terbaru