August 2, 2013


Here's an insightful video about bikinis and modesty. Carefully explained by Jessica Rey, you'll sure to leave this post with some thoughts about this topic. I find the content very relatable to every girl, especially the girls of today, despite anyone's religion. 

This is definitely a job well done, Jessica! 

And if ever someone asks you and questions you about your choice to be modest from the core, show them this video ;)

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Shalynael said...

Thank you Shea for sharing this to us it was really interesting!

intanfarhana said...

mygod.. great talk. i wish our dakwah line wud be as gentle as her speech. like..make pple think. not just giving preeches n give inputs like baaaammmm. u know, those who cant accept, they actually didnt want to do not accept but thay didnt want to b approach harshly.

thank u for sharing. btw, this is just my opinion :)

ILA SYAMILA ♥♥ said...

this vid really inspired me why do i not allowed to wear those bikinis, skin-showing outfit and instead, i'd tought to wear for a modesty. bcs islam is too beautiful :')

Nadda said...

i really liked how she used statistics about how the males brain worked when seeing women in different clothing. it was very interesting.
its also quite sad to see the majority of girls thinking they have to wear bikinis because thats all they see around them.

Definatley love these posts from you shea! x