August 20, 2013


Before anything, pardon my messy hijab. That's what happens when you have a 3-year old around and expecting you to play with him and carry him whenever he's cranky. Hehe.. Yup that's my nephew alright..

Eyelet cardi: Forever21
Dress: Treimee (Indonesia)
Sophie Paris bag: @fnsophiefashion (instashop)
Heels: Melissa Marilyn (Beige)

Happy 20th August! Hehe.. 
There's no particular special celebration for today actually, just glad that we're able to live and breathe under His mercy for today..alhamdulillah.. :)

Loving the drapes on my dress, eh? I call it the empress drape hehe.. I absolutely love this cutting as it flows down so beautifully without compromising the shape of my body cause usually dresses look pretty when clenched at the waist, right? But if you're heavier in size (waist down), I think you should steer clear of this type of dress as it will add volume horizontally especially on the hips.

And my newfound love: Melissa Marilyn! They're the comfiest pair ever! I have been looking all over for nude pair of heels that blends well with my skin color cause I wanna have that effect of super subtle look on my feet. And voila! I found it!


The other day, I saw in a television programme about mosques in Turkey, and there was this conversation between the host and one of the people who just stepped out of the mosque. The conversation that hit me right in the chest went like this:

You can read more about Allah's blessings here. Wallahu 'alam :)

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Amalina said...

Sis, so beautiful!

Sishi Semet said...

looove your dress and shoes so much!! you look so pretty, Shea! :)

MissVanilla said...

wah! nanak jugak

LittLe PeLaNgi said...

omgash. <3 the dress so much. couldn't find the design on their FB page. how can i buy?do they ship to Malaysia. i'm sooo in <3 with the dress.. please hellppp.. :)

email me please

Sizzling Suzai said...

the dress is killer!

dew_miauw said...

Love your outfit in this post. beautifull