August 30, 2013


I don't know if it's just me, for some reason, I feel like I always resort to white shirts in every pairing I wear. I mean, I don't look good in white, but I just can't steer clear from white shirts--I'm obsessed. But I do resent the fact that they are sheer. No matter how thick the fabric is. Boohoo. 

So this time around, instead of wearing an inner underneath my white shirt, I decided to layer another cropped top over it because: 
1. I love the preppy look.
2. It acts as a second layer to cover up the sheerness of my shirt. Yayyy!

Satin square scarf: Shawlistaaa (Instashop)
White shirt: Mango
Cropped top: Pretty Chase 
Lana Palazzo: The Poplook 
Valentina Wedges: Kiss & Tell
Bag: Charles & Keith

So my tip for you: don't throw away those short sleeved cropped tops! They might just come in handy in times like these :D


Well lookie heare.. Who appeared on a two-page spread on Malaysia's 'it' bloggers feature, if not me? Hee.. Thank youuuu InTrend Malaysia for the honor of featuring me, alongside with other TOP Malaysian bloggers! Of course you have to see the mag for yourself to see who's on it with me.. And of course, to read my yappity yap interview answers! 

Go get your September InTrend at your local newsstands near you! :D

Tomorrow is Malaysia's 56th Independence Day!! 
Let's wear something red/blue/yellow/white tomorrow whee!
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LaiLa said...

It looks good :) I like the layering. And those shoes are georgeous!


mamiudjo said...

Hi Shea, I just started to use hijab. I need your suggestion.

I have lot of knee-length dresses. As I can't use legging, do u know how can I keep utilize my dresses & match it with my hijab? If I use normal trousers, it will look weird.


nadia zainudin said...

Hi mamiudjo, prolly shea is busy.hurm..since i myself own tons of knee length dresses and just started wearing hijab so i suggest maybe u can pair them with skinny jeans..not those of legging types.

Sizzling Suzai said...

ok rite now im scrolling those hijab pins..thanks for sharing n kopaking my wallet! hahaha..seriously cantek sgt!

MG schmidt said...

kena je napak tdung satin dgn stail mcm ni..
shea, don u mind.
ke sy yg xhabis ksingkap lg blog u.
u kerja ape ye?
i mean what are doing know?
kerja student..
sbb I bru je follow u ..

if u dont mind la to share.
sbb u salu share pasal dress up n event ..
carik jgk kt mana bio u tp ta jumpa.
thanks shea if u read this :)