September 10, 2013


Last month, I received a nice invitation, from Avon Philippines to join in the merriment of the launch of their newest and latest (and coolest) makeup collection called -- YOU MAKE IT BEAUTIFUL. Yes, when I asked them Avon peeps, they said their ultimate goal is for us to be beautiful on our own terms with the help of their enhanced makeup range. 

So I was soooo over the moon that they decided to have me, yes me, as a 'top Malaysian blogger' to experience the event itself. I know. They called me that okkk.. Don't mistake me for being narcissistic..haha.. 

OK, now I'm confused. To blog about the event first, or about the products? (I'm so excited to share with ya'll all the products they have in range ngeee). Ok ok, we'll leave the best for last, aite?

The event kicked off at Sofitel Hotel, Manila, and as soon as I stepped in the hall, all I was drawn to was these above.. haha.. I just can't wait to go through everything..

The launch started with models parading the stage while introducing the new makeup collections.. Y'know, the funny thing is, the Filipinos are super duper nice to have me sit in the frontmost VIP table! *pulls hijab left and right*

And later there was a talkshow where the host was Anne Curtis, a Filipino-Australian actress and model. Oh my gawd, she's breathtaking! She's the face of Avon Philippines btw.. And she brought up to the stage, beauty guru and makeup artist, Lauren Andersen! Yes, THE Lauren Andersen! She has done makeup for famous A-list Hollywood celebs like Jessica Alba.. pheww.. I suddenly felt so small in that room hehe..

So they explained how revolutionary the new makeup range is with using technologically enhanced breakthroughs in producing the best makeup packed with nutrients our skin needs like ahem, SHEA Butter too. :p

She started her makeup tutorial demo on a model, using Avon's products || I love how the model used her dress as a screen to show us graphical art of makeup and beauty products. Lurrve.

 And this is me with Miza, a Harian Metro reporter, and Avon's super lady, hailing from Canada. With our gigantic gifts!!

I can't stop taking my eyes away from these beauties. Yes, girl crushes are common okay.. haha..

 Love how the display looks..

Yours truly, Kak Azean of Nona TV3, Anne Curtis and Miza of Harian Metro--all smiles!

Annnnddd, let's get to the products!
Below are some of the items available from Avon's latest makeup collection! 

Let's gather our hands together, and faint together. Please.

Eyeshadow palettes perfect for makeup noobies like me! I love how it guides me with those numbers :D

Powder foundation // Liquid Foundation // SuperShock Mascara // Super Extreme Mascara // BB Cream


Ultra Glazewear Lip Gloss for those who love glosses instead of lipsticks, these babies are made for you!

The colors are screaming at meee! The lipsticks are very moist on the lips too. *thumbs up*

I have never tried loose powder balls before, and this is my first. They're amaze-balls. Pun intended.. ;)

Now you know how excited I was with Avon's newest collection, right? I mean, since I was a little girl I have grown up to see my mom's Avon's products and catalogs, seeing her putting on Avon makeup and. Not knowing that I might love and use this particular brand one day. Talk about everlasting beauty :)

Will update you guys my makeup looks using these gems..yayy!

Thank you Avon Malaysia!! 

AVON - You Make It Beautiful
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Photographed and edited by me
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sakUra bLoOm said...

i see ur face kat tv on nona last sunday... ngeeee ..

MG schmidt said...

cantiknya !
avon xd jual packej mcm yg shea jual tu ke?
tayah nk beli 1 1
tp macam byk sgt la plak ..hehehe

Dina Irvani said...

ur soooo luckyyy :)

Huda Ahmed said...

I never owned a pair of Avon makeup, but I will try their lipgloss.