September 30, 2013


Monday Blues? 

More like, Ikea blues haha.. Yeah, I actually wanted to get my meatball fix at Ikea yesterday, but it was such a bad mistake going there on a weekend, I tell you! It's so packed from the minute we want to enter the parking lot, up til the moment we want to head back home. 

And the line at the food court? Yes, it was so long, I think I could lose a kilo just from running from the end of the line to the actual food counter. 

So did I get my meatballs? 
Thank you.

Good thing I went there with my newest baby--the Howard Bowler bag from POPPY! It's sooo spacious and very easy on the hands! I could stash all my junks in them including my praying veil too. Yayy! 

The sadness of not getting my meatballs + the awesome feeling of toting a new handbag 
= Non-cranky Shea! :D 

Hehe that's how the formula goes ;p

Satin shirt: Zawara
Phoebe Maxi skirt: POPPY
Howard Bag: POPPY
Flats: Zara

I just love the faux croc leather finish too. I've never actually owned a croc-leather textured bag previously cause yeah, let's face it, we get kinda intimidated by them cause it looks fierce, right? But this one, showed me how wrong I was. I loved that it comes in a classic black color, making the fierce-ness a bit subtle, therefore matches everyone whether you're young or old. Trust me, even my mom was eyeing me as I was stepping out the door hehe.. *nak jugak letteww* And the quality--divine! And oh, it comes with a dustbag too. 

Unboxing the gem!

Soooo spacious! Enough room to fit my umbrella!
And I have a bad habit of throwing my sunnies in my bag-->caseless. Even if it's Prada. Kill me if it breaks ok?

That's why when it was released, I immediately got in line with other girls to get em before they're gone ekeke.. I'm such a bag lover! Still not obvious? I'm going on an overseas trip soon (which I'm so excited about!), hmmm, maybe I should get my hands on the Chapman or Sanders, too, to bring along with me right? *think, think*

Get your POPPY bags at the link below:
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geek by nerdy said... jellie mellie.i wantttt that bag tooo :)
nway,love ur outfit sis.stunning as always :)

yana said...

wah! POPPY dah ade bag! xprasan plak