September 12, 2013


Hi ladies! 

It's me again..hehe.. And here I am today in a Baju Kurung--Malaysia's traditional attire. Gosh, I dig Kurungs so much these days.. I attended Naza's Eid Open House the other day and wore this cause they said the theme was 'hipster raya'.. 

Asimareen Baju Kurung: Fashion Valet
Bag: Kate Spade
Heels: Charles & Keith

Wishful thinking: 
Seeing ladies all over the world loving and donning a Baju Kurung! :D
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Huda Ahmed said...

gorgeous look.

~Sya~ said...

handbag supercantik...hari2 mesti bukak blog shea nak tgk OOTD...

shea said...

thank youuuu :*