September 29, 2013


Okay okay, I'm not really sure whether you've seen it or not, but I appeared on Coach's facebook page yesterday!! And mind you, it was the international page, consisting of almost 5mil likes ok. Ok, 5millions, so what, right? (NOT!)

Me at Publika with my sister sometime last week.. We went for some lunch and got my nephew a birthday cake cause it was his birthday that day! :D

I was jumping up and down when I saw it and practically ran all over my neighborhood informing of the great news cause it was just so surreal!.. hahaha.. I wish I could do that actually.

So what was the feature about? It was because I was spotted wearing a pair of Coach's heels, specifically from their latest shoe collection. Which I find myself wearing most of the time due to its chic design, and understated comfiness.

I love their entire collection, I decided to play with them shoes and show it to you girls, here!

Everything screams sophistication, luxurious and unexpected, which is what I'm all about fashion-wise. I mean c'mon, I think I can see myself in every design from this collection. I'm sure most of you does too, right? There's actually more to where it came from, but, these are definitely my fav!

If you ask me, when picking a pair of shoes, I would personally pick ones that goes with any style and occasion, simple enough for work, but at the same time, fun and dressy enough for a great night out with friends.

I wish my birthday is just around the corner, or maybe that I'm where near an engagement or wedding of my own so that I can find myself a great excuse to get me one, or two, or even more pairs as pressies or hantarans! Ahaakk! ;D

To see my feature up on Coach's facebook page, or simply because you love Coach (which I know we all do), visit their facebook page here, and be updated! ;)

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geek by nerdy said...

congrat sis.daebak you.hehehe.adore ur style.i wish i can wear this coach brand one day.yes one day.hehehe