September 18, 2013


Peplum tops? Boringgggg..
Peplum jackets? YES!

Haha.. I was just teasing you.. this particular top I'm wearing IS actually a peplum blouse. But I wore it as an outer cause I wanted a new take on peplums. Plus, I didn't wanna risk wearing a really thick jacket in this oh-so-sunny Malaysia. Therefore this method was just perfect. And I can simply button it up and nobody will ever notice that I'm actually wearing the same top. Yay 2-in-1--Score!!

Btw, did you know that peplum is also known as 'basque'. It's a skirt-like addition, formerly fitted to a man's doublet or waistcoat and later to a woman's bodice, that extends the garment slightly below the waistline. Yes, I just bought a fashion dictionary haha..

Maxi scarf: @lilmrspolkadot (instashop)
Teagan Peplum top turned jacket: The Poplook
Tee: Forever21
Trousers: H&M
Bag: Christian Dior
Flats: Zara

Just a quickie, I wanna inform you guys of my new email..

My previous one won't be used anymore because I've reached the maximum limit, and also not forgetting the super childish name I created--'purplishea' (I had that email when I was 20 years old mind you) hahaha.. So, goodbye to that email, and hello to my new baby!

So I would appreciate it if you could email me on the email above for anything ONLY related to this blog, fashion and inquiries! :) I'm afraid I might not get any of your emails if you still send them to the old one.. Don't say I didn't warn ya ;)

Oh, will you guys be at this event below? I will!

Did you know that Sheikha Hub is the one responsible for bringing Mimpi Kita, Azura Azwa, Saraya Zahret and Ammara to Melbourne Fashion Week? So if you're interested in being a part of this amazing community, do give them a call to inquire.. ;)
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Shasha said...

salam, can you pls do a tutorial on how to wear your hijab this way? :) you look so pretty in it! it doesn't look the same as the tutorial you did before hehe thank youu :*

-peminat tegar hihi

Jasmin Q said...

loooooovee ur pants...

shea said...

You're so observant! Haha.. Yeah, it's slightly different than how I usually wear. But all I did was fold the scarf horizontally in half, and wrap as usual. Super easy kan?

tenku butang said...

waaa.. cantikkk sagtt

Tara Filliana Kristiano said...

hi shea, a beautiful blog and writing style you own. a hello from Indonesia.

liahijabista said...

Loving it sheaa. Shea pakai ni g office or outwear?

Jasmin Q said...

could u tell me ur height, shea? I really love ur style, wonder if i can look good in that style with 153cm