September 20, 2013


The story went on like this, I attended Sheikha Hub's Tea Party Event earlier this evening--covering for Aquila Style. It was held at Royal Bintang Hotel, Damansara. So as I sat at my table, chit-chatting with my friend while waiting for the event to kick off, came this gorgeous Indonesian lady, Onab, to my table whom I recently met at an Open House. She came to said hi cause she said I looked familiar.

We talked, and she introduced me to her friend, whom she brought along with her to my table. Let's call her 'Angel'. After breaking the ice for a bit, there I learned that  Angel is a Palestinian American who migrated to Malaysia and have lived in KL for one and a half years. 

And to my surprise, Angel said that she has been reading my blog even before she moved to Malaysia! I felt so honored to have met my loyal reader all the way from America, here in KL! :D 

So we snapped pics together, and as Onab snapped pics of both of me and Angel (using Angel's iPhone), there I saw Angel's truly gorgeous iPhone case! Haha.. *I am a sucker for iPhone cases and quite picky with the type of casing I put on my phone* So I saw Angel's was SOOO me. I sincerely complimented it, "Wow, Angel, I love your iPhone case! It's so pretty!!" And she replied, "thank you!" with a big smile on her face.

Event starts.

And ends.

Before I decided to head off home, I stopped and mingled with a few of the ladies at the event, cause that's what I love to do post events. And I saw Onab with Angel again, and I decided to talk to them again since the conversation we had earlier was brief. After chit-chatting for a while, when we decided to leave and said our goodbyes, I shook Angel's hand and gave her a triple-kiss-hug (I don't know what's that called haha but it's basically a greeting/goodbye hug). And to my disbelief, Angel said "Shea I want to give you something".. And right there at that moment, she took off her iPhone case from her phone and handed it to me while saying, "since you like it so much!" :D

I was smiling but was like, "Whaaaa...noooo.. I couldn't! You shouldn't!" 

"Nooo.. please have it.. I want you to have it.. I have lots more cases at home.. So you can have this" :D

And she didn't give me a chance to stop her from handing it to me.

So I didn't want her to feel awkward, and at the same time I felt so embarrassed by this super kind girl with such a super kind gesture, so I politely accepted it.

My hands were basically gripping her hands all the way as a sign of I-could-not-believe-that-you-gave-something-that's-yours-to-me.

Right there and then, I figured, ya Allah. What have I done to You to be blessed to meet such an angel like Angel? I mean, it's not about the casing, but it was about her kindness, her humbleness and for a fact that we just met, and I complimented her iPhone case because it was truly pretty, and cause that's what girls do, they compliment each other's everything.

Her generosity, kindness and friendliness really really hit me. That's why I decided to share this story with you girls here. And for a fact that she kept saying how nice, sweet and polite all Malaysians are, while she was the one actually deserving of all the titles she mentioned.

Carlos is such a photo-bomber..haha nottt.. I purposely put everything in front of him cause pics are a thousand times better with his sleeping face innit :p

No matter how many iPhone casings I already have and will have in the future, this one will forever be my favorite. Thank you, Angel, till we meet again.. 

P/s: We must!! :D

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N.A.R said...

Reminds me of this beautiful hadith:

"..the most beloved deed to Allah is to make a Muslim happy..."

Thanks for sharing, Kak Shea. :)

Siti Nor Salwa Che Lah said...

Kak shea y dont u shared angels picture???

hazlina azmi said...

nice blog dear...blogwalking

geek by nerdy said...

love it sis.wau.memang cantik that casing.nway,nak jugak tengok pic angel :)
love to baca baca n baca ur blog sis :)
fun.hopefully one day i will meet you.
xoxo fatin

dye.yana said...

just like me! memang gila tukar casing iphone!

Syamimi Shamsuddin said...

Love this post! You are kindness itself for sharing the experience with us