October 14, 2013


As you're reading this, I'm probably minutes away from taking off for a trip that I will remember for the rest of my life.. and I believe will leave a mark in my heart :)


A roomy bag 
Passport (DIY Passport Cover tutorial here soon - 20th Oct)
Neck pillow

 Body Kit 
[Cause 10 hour long flights just won't do me good without these items]

To ensure my skin is moist and free from any impurties. As you might've already know, inflight air conditioned air is really drying and it sucks moisture out of your skin. Therefore if you're going on a 5 hours plus plane ride, I'd suggest you refresh your face after a few hours cause it'll totally save your skin. You don't want your skin to be all flaky on your vacation or trip, right?

Rexona deodorant 
Ehehe gotta keep those pits fresh and clean! Again, if you're going on a long flight ride, what I would suggest is, after 5 hours, head to the little toilet cubicle and wet a bit of a paper towel, and rub off your pits to clean them, then reapply your deodorant. Instant freshness!

So you will reach your destination not looking like a drab. This is the bomb diggity yo! Why do you need to bring all your brushes and foundation bottles when you have foundation sticks, like this? I must say, this foundation stick is such a time and space saver.

 Entertainment Kit 
[I'll prolly sleep for 2 hours then find myself awake for the rest 8 hours, so yeah]

Coz it is a must to read it onboard the moment you settle down seated. Afterall, whatever you do, must revolve around Him, right? It's best to start off your journey with a lil recitation of the Yassin, which is also the heart of the Quran. And pray for your safety during the flight. InsyaAllah everything will be fine :)

A book
Bought this novel for RM8 at Big Bad Wolf but haven't got the chance to read it yet. Plus, I couldn't resist the name of the book. Meet me at the cupcake cafe--so cheesy, but yet so fairytale-like! Yeahh, just keep on wishing, shea.. hehe..

iPad to read my Aquila Style & Cleo magazines 
Reading tablet magazines are wayyy much more portable and easy--trust me! I find them very green, as they don't require printed copies, and also saves me a whole lotta space. 

iPod for some music to my ears
Cause sometimes those inflight entertainment systems doesn't give you what you wanna hear and just for those boring moments where I don't feel like reading or anything.

Notebook & Colored Pens
If I wanna feel like doodling or writing down points for any upcoming articles, and yes, everywhere you go, a note book in hand is always--handy!


Before anything, I 'll leave you with my pinky look for today..

Maxi shawl: @lilmrspolkadot
Shirt: Vintage
Dian Pelangi palazzo pants: That's My Shawl
Bag: Chanel
Constance Heels: Kiss & Tell

So where am I headed to, again?

It's Palestine! :)

Do pray that the entire journey to and from will be all smooth sailing, and with this, I wanna ask for your forgiveness that I may have wronged you in any way possible. I wish to visit the beautiful land of Palestine and celebrate Eid Ul Adha there this year. It will be an educational trip that I am so looking forward to, and to come back and share with you guys the details of the visit. Instead of postcards, I will send you my prayers for all of my sweet readers when I'm in Masjid Al-Aqsa, InsyaAllah :D

Thank you once again and see you soon, insyaAllah.

Happy Eid Ul Adha everyone!

Kisses xx
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geek by nerdy said...

Take care sis.SELAMAT RAYA KORBAN yea.
Have a safe trip.

Shzlina said...

May your journey be safe
Insyallah :)

Shzlina said...

May you journey be safe shea.
Insyallah :)

Mesiyarti Munir said...

Kindly visit my blog dear friends


Mummydearie said...

Hope you enjoy the trip. Tell us the story and with photos too :D

Nabilatul Nadiah said...

Salam syg dri saya , Aya . .
i like the way how u always carry Yaasiin !
Good for u :)
Lau tk keberatan , silalah follow blog Aya balik . . Dan tinggalkan link untk followers Aya follow :)

Atika said...

Pray for me please:). Have a wonderful trip Shea!

Naballah Chi said...

Your style is amazing. Kindly follow my blog at http://naballahchi.blogspot.com/