October 30, 2013


Continuation of my Part III and Part IV of my Palestine story is already up on Aquila Style!

Part III
The day starts with fajr prayers at Al-Aqsa Mosque, followed by a brief sermon by Shaykh Yusuf Abu Sneina, the first imam of the mosque. (We end up seeing him quite regularly!) Continue here..

Part IV
Right after our fajr prayers in Al-Aqsa Mosque, Shaykh Yusuf Abu Sneina, the imam of the mosque, brings our group on a tour around the Aqsa complex. He patiently explains the history behind the surrounding mosques. Continue here..


And yes, during my entire stay in Palestine-Jordan-Israel, I was clad in abayas and jubahs only because I felt that this trip was purposely for ibadah and educational purposes. Therefore it was natural for a Muslimah to appear as modest as she possibly can while at it. I chose abayas, to make it easy for me to perform prayers whenever we made stops and visits of the mosques of the prophets. Cause it was that frequent.

After Fajr prayers just outside Masjid Al Aqsa, at the Lion's Gate.

Jubah Khayla: Padieka
Bag: Longchamp

Luckily just before the trip, I managed to score a few darling abaya/jubah pieces from different labels in Malaysia. I wanted to look for something that's practical for movements and prayers, yet doesn't compromise a bit of style. Cause you know, the Palestinian ladies are VERY fashionable okay! I didn't manage to snap pics of them while about town cause I'm afraid they wouldn't like it (I mean, would you like it if a total stranger were to sneakily snap pics of you? I think not kan).

Till my next update! :)
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Shea! Lucky u! it's my dream to go to Plaestine too. tell me how u go. under which travel agent?

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SubhanaALLAH.cantiknya akak shea.as always.hehehe.
bestnya dapat pergi ke sana.hopefully one day fatin pom boleh pergi.hehehe.Love ur entry akak.

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