October 27, 2013


As you might've seen from my instagram updates, I'm sure you might've have the slightest clue that recently I made a visit to Palestine for self-educational purposes. I was so excited to be stepping foot on the 3rd most holiest mosque in the world that is Al Aqsa, located in Jerusalem.

Yours truly on Mount of Olives, Jerusalem.

Abaya: Jubahsouq
Bag: Longchamp

The trip was such a remarkable experience, I decided to write my travelogue on a daily basis to share it with the world. 

Here's my story..

Baitul Maqdis at night (View from Mount of Olives)

Part I

I kick off my journey to reach the glorious land of Palestine from Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur International Airport on 14 October, in a group of 110 people. I am expecting a long trip of 12 hours as we stop in Bangkok for a transit swap. Read more here

Part II

On the morning of 16 October, I wake up at 4am as we have planned to do our fajr prayer at Al-Aqsa Mosque. Despite suffering from jetlag, waking up was a million times easier when I remembered how much I was anticipating this. Read more here 

Watch this space for Part III onwards! ;)
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geek by nerdy said...

As usual akak,ur outfit totally gojes.love love love.woa.bestnya dpt pergi sana.nak jugak.Love to read about ur trip :)