October 10, 2013


How to pull off a poncho look for a hijabi? Here's my take! ;)

It's not everyday you find yourself wearing a poncho cardigan, right? But to me, a knitted poncho is a basic necessity every closet should have--at least one. Especially for those chilly, rainy climates. Like what Malaysia currently is going through right now. And not to mention, when you're out with a flu or something. Skip the conventional sweater look, and try a poncho! Or better yet, a poncho cardigan just like how I'm wearing today.

I'm definitely bringing this aztec printed knitted poncho cardi from Milktee for those long inflight rides. Stylishly cosy at its best :D

Aztec Knitted Poncho Cardi: Milktee
Shirt: Mango
Color-block Skirt: The Poplook
Bag: Topshop
Kenzo iPad case: The Casing House

Paired my loose poncho cardi with a color-block skirt, which I believe can give the illusion of a slimmer figure! Awhh thank goodness for optical illusions! haha..

P/s: If you want RM10 off of your order at Milktee, use this code: SHEA10 (valid for 2 weeks after this post)
Cause what kind of a shopper would you be without taking full advantage of offers and discounts, right?? Haha.. well, I think I speak for the masses :D
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geek by nerdy said...

Akak cumel.
gojes ssgt.oh mai gucci.kena beli satu ni.hehehe.thankiu for your tips2 yea :)
hehehe.ni mcm dah stalker dah check blog akak j hari2.
love ur style sis :)

Sskyyna Trotter said...

love the poncho cardigan:)

- myhijabodyssey.blogspot.com

mayah othman said...

nice one

Belinda Buttercup said...

I just came across your amazing blog and I cannot absolutely not decide which outfit I like best! You have an amazing sense of style!
Ponchos are great, by the way! I own two and they are on current rotation right now :).
Take care, xx Belinda