November 27, 2013


Sorryyy for being absent, me loves! I just got so engrossed in--READING! Yeah, I've always loved reading, but lately the habit has become too overwhelming, I'm afraid I might burn up all my monthly salary on books -_-

This is the time of my life I wish I was a student again, so that I am entitled to be receiving the book vouchers given by the Malaysian government hehe..

Here's me the other day during my short weekend trip to--KL! hahaha.. Me and fam stayed at Mandarin Oriental over the weekend just for fun, and it was definitely a new experience as the distance between the hotel to my house was only a meagre 6km! LOLOL..

And this is me in my comfiest jubah dress from My Modesty Boutique. I lurrrve it so much, I basically saved the dress for this weekend getaway. It's like a dress, but with a tshirt kind of comfiness, due to its tshirt-like material. Ahh, you'll know what I'm talking about when you try them on yourself hehe... And the cotton is not too thin, not too thick, just ideal.

Below are some of my favs from their boutique!

Go crazy at My Modesty Boutique just like I did! :D
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Meilina Utomo said...

Thanks for your comments. Love your inspiring style in your blog :)

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geek by nerdy said... love.hehhehe
Nak jumpa sis ssgt.hahahha

Ras Rasid said...

The simplest stil looks xclusive on u Shea!

Norhayati said...

Lovely quickie!!!

Norhayati said...

Lovely quickie!!!