November 15, 2013


Did you know that last Sunday was my convocation ceremony?

I graduated from Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) in January this year actually, but due to unforeseen technical problems, my convocation got pushed from May to November. Like really technical. Something about my credit hours not being keyed in accordingly by the system. I didn't mind at all, cause it was just a ceremony, right? 

But what I was glad about was that I finally have a transcript of proof of what I love doing! I majored in Fashion Design & Technology and have respectfully gained my Master of Art & Design after 2 years of completion. I mean, all the hard work, whines, stress and almost-gave-up moments that I went through was all worth it when I was on stage to be receiving my scroll from the Pro-Canselor of the university. Like really, I literally wanted to quit my studies after a semester going through with it. But, family and friends near me gave me motivation and support that I needed, making it easier for me to endure the pain that is Masters in Fashion Design.

I decided to pursue my studies in UiTM for I have heard and seen great testimonies of their Art & Design Faculty. So without a doubt, I immediately enrolled in as soon as I finished my Bachelor's Degree back in 2011.

It was so windy that day, my tassels are all over the place haha..

In fact, seeing the triple stripes on a PhD students' robe, made me a bit envious! I feel like pursuing my PhD right this instant ok! Haha.. As you can see from my robe, there are two stripes on the sleeves which marks me as a Masters student. But we'll see how my life works out for me. For now, I'll just go wherever the wind takes me hehe..

So, to commemorate my excitement of achieving my Masters, I decided to do an outdoor photo-shoot for keepsake'. I had the time of my life doing this shoot, and even after that, I went about doing my chores like going to the bank, driving and dropping by here in there all in my robe and mortar board. I was so proud of myself, that I didn't wanna take them off! haha.. I mean, you deserve to be proud of yourself after all the hard work you've done, right? Imagine what I would do if I have a PhD in hand? XD

All in all, I would love to give my thanks all to the Creator, Allah swt, for without Him, I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am right now. And to my parents whom I love so much and have given their utmost support in letting me pursue my dreams after all this while. And to my darling supervisor, Dr. Rozita, thank you! Sisters, friends and readers all over the world, thank you for inspiring me until today, and being with me the entire journey throughout. Chewahhh, nak speech konon :p


Photographer: Azrianna Photography 

An 18-year old female photographer with 50 years of talent! I mean, look at the images above. So natural, dreamy and lovely kan?? Azrianna, I am definitely reserving your for important occasions in the near future ok? Plus it was superrrr convenient having a female photographer with me throughout. I mean, I'm okay with male photographers, but I find myself a lot more comfortable with a female one. So, thank you for being one of the few female Malaysian photographers, Azrianna! :D


MUA: Anna Cherie
Ahh, my talented makeup artist whom I had the opportunity to know from a previous makeup session. I knew right there and then that I might need her service in the future, and this is me at it! I just love her natural and effortless touch in enhancing my look for the shoot that day. Kudos Anna!


Robe + Mortar Board: UiTM (duhhh) :p


"Never stop learning"
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cik nyoonyalita said...

congratulation kak shea :)

geek by nerdy said...

Woa.congrat sis.master dah.hehehhe
Yeah u deserve it akak shea.
Nak sgt pakai mcm sis.cumel2 and cantik ur style lah akak :)

geek by nerdy said...

Woa.congrat sis.master dah.hehehhe
Yeah u deserve it akak shea.
Nak sgt pakai mcm sis.cumel2 and cantik ur style lah akak :)

Nour Eyza said...

tahniah shea. kita pun konvo tapi konvo degree je. hihi

munamuni said...

I want to pursue a master too... ok this post make me envious more and it give me a spirit to get master in order to take a lot of photo like yours..haha

shazana anuar said...

Tahniah kak shea. . .

ThisGirlBlogs said...

Congratulations my dear!!! May there be plenty more wonderful opportunities to come your way and a blessed life insha'Allah. So happy for you sis :)

Nurain Kamal said...

Congrats ciaaaaa!!

Mardhia Yusof said...

Congrats! I have been your silent reader for a long time. ;)
Betul! envy kan tengok PhD student dapat scroll dari Canselor(UTM-DYMM Raja Zarith Sofia) sebab tak ramai and nampak special. hehe
I pun konvo akhir bulan Oct,UTM skudai..for Masters convocation (UiTM),Canselor bagi scroll ke?or the VC?
Congrats again! #jombuatphd ;)

Yuyu said...

First of all, congratulations. Second of all, may I please know the size of your Jovian?

Nadda said...

these photos are amazing, your blog is my favorite!
you look so classy Mashallah!!

Nadda said...

you look gorgeous!

sue. said...



Kurniasari... said...

Congrats dear Shea....I'ts the first time I see your your style and your review...FYI, I'am Indonesian...I Starting my new muslima urban brand now...and now available at several boutique at Jakarta Department Store..Kindly visited my blog at ;-)

icE said...

congrats SHEA! Love the photos, you have a nice blog dear..

..lawatlah blog saya pulak WAHM 6 angka

dew_miauw said...

Congrats Shea :)
Love the photos, gorgeous <3

ath irah said...

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spread the words to your friends! <3

Sizzling Suzai said...

make up tu mmg sgt sgt popped up in the photo lah but not overdoing.. :)