November 14, 2013


Remember about this post I did a while ago with regards to Sunsilk’s Hijab ku Gaya ku contest? Well, lemme referesh it for you: the contest hosted by Sunsilk was done in search of 10 fashion designers and 10 hijabi models all around Malaysia to showcase them at the prestigious Islamic Fashion Festival (IFF) runway this year!

And guess what, they have chosen those (SUPER) lucky participants and featured them on their weekly webisodes for you too see what exactly are they up to.

See these submissions of sketches by you girls? This will be so much funnnn!

1st Webisode synopsis:

Introductory - In this episode, Diana Amir, who is the host of this reality TV show, will introduce to you the 20 finalists competing each other. They will also be given a task/challenge in which the 10 designers have to come up with designs fit for IFF, and 10 hijabi models to parade the runway. Mentored by Malaysia’s iconic fashion designer, Hatta Dolmat, these girls have to come up with fashion ideas revolving around the color green, elements of London, Paris, New York and Kuala Lumpur for Muslimahs. Do I need to describe more?

2nd Webisode Synopsis:

In this webisode, participants are given yet again another challenge! With rm500 given, they are required to spend it on fabrics, scouring them all over Kuala Lumpur in just an hour!! Let’s see what the hype is all about in this webisode yeah! :D

3rd Webisode Synopsis:

In this part three of the webisodes, emphasis is given towards the models where the designers get to see them models first hand--only on television. The designers get to witness the models that will be parading the runway with their collections, and of course, are given an immunity where their thinking and critical skills are being put to test. Let’s just say the challenge given for them to complete was just in 10 minutes!

Let’s enjoy the first of five webisodes shall we?


And here’s my Sunsilk Lively Clean & Fresh inspired outfit for today! ;)

 Top: Jaspal 
Skirt: Made it myself 
Bag: Kate Spade 
Flats: H&M

New episodes every Friday on Sunsilk youtube channel. And also the finale on 2nd December! 

You can subscribe to Sunsilk’s Youtube page 
to be alerted when the next webisode will be out! *done..yay!* 

Sunsilk Hijabku Gayaku: Hijabku Gayaku Facebook App 
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