November 19, 2013


Perhaps I love this skirt too much.
Perhaps black is the only color I wear now.
Perhaps I am seeking for something new.
Perhaps a new strange place awaits me.
Perhaps the future will excite me.
Perhaps true love will find me.

Perhaps I wonder.

Shirt: Topshop
Bag: DIY-ed (tutorial here)
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liyana biryani said...

wow nice outfit! :) Btw kalau sudi follow saya akan follow balik ty :)

yayang laling said...


myan said...

Hi Shea

Skirt tu TDF :)

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ath irah said...

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geek by nerdy said...

Akak ur style sis.heheheh.

Dandelion Girls said...

hai shea rasol.. love to read your blog, anyway follow me back.. sila tunjuk ajar saye yang baru nak berjinak2 dalam blogging.. =)

Nadda said...

you are so beautiful MashAllah, your taste in clothes is amazing