November 6, 2013


So, I was given the opportunity to try out PIXY’s Makeup Cleansing Series, which, I found out later, is actually new in the Malaysian market! PIXY is a brand under Mandom Corp., which also produces our favorite brands like Pucelle, Gatsby and Lucido-L !

PIXY: Gentle & Moist Cleansing Lotion (This is a rinse-free makeup remover)
PIXY: Single Step Cleansing Foam (This is a facial cleanser that removes makeup)

I truly believe in the idea of having a proper makeup cleaning routine EVERYDAY cause yeah, makeup is good for you, but having them too long on your face is bad news.

For women who is always on the go *cough*, I am guilty to tell you that I sometimes become so lazy to remove my makeup and clean my face at the end of a tiring day. Trust me, all you see is your bed teehee..

And did you guys know that sleeping 30 nights with makeup on ages your skin by up to 10 years?! Imagine how bad it is even for just one night…” :O

Shocking!! Take a look here on what happens to your skin if you sleep with your makeup on…

Even if after a long day at work, it’s better to spend a couple extra minutes cleaning your face from oil, dirt, and makeup than wakeup with breakouts and pimples!! Something you should never ever compromise.

So when I heard about PIXY’s new Gentle & Moist Cleansing Lotion that actually requires no rinsing, I was like WHUUUTTTT?? It’s like this product is sent down from heaven for busy girls like me! And to add to that, I find it a lot easier to remove makeup just before taking ablutions for prayers, cause yes, it is best to pray with a clean face without any makeup residue left on it right? And I always see in a public surau where girls usually lug their facial cleanser from home in such a bulky size in their handbags. Not this time! :D

Before: Me with my everyday makeup on

After: Me removing my makeup using PIXY’s Cleansing Lotion with a cotton pad. See how clean my face gets? PIXY is clinically tested. Formulated in Japan.

And this is me trying out the Liquid Foam Cleanser. PIXY is clinically tested. Formulated in Japan.

Yeah, I basically fell in love with the product even before I tried it hehe.. I know, I know, you’re wondering how the product feels like after using it, right? Ok lemme tell you, that first and fore mostly, it removes makeup like wonders. And it does not feel oily and greasy too. It does not contain alcohol but rather contains honey extracts. (General fact: Honey is SUPER GOOD for your skin).

And for a fact that it comes in two sizes; one set is in 100ml (for home), and another in a small packaging which consists of 50ml product per bottle, perfect for work and travel, you won’t even feel the weight in your bag. See how small it is compared to my normal sized bag? Heee.. 

Lastly, the smell.. ahh.. it smells like an adorable little flower haha.. I’m not sure how to describe it to you girls, but it is indeed very pleasant ☺ Even as I’m typing this, the fragrant smell still sticks on my hands (yeah, I just washed my face a minute ago). 

All in all, I’m glad I was given the chance to try it out, cause now I’m a loyal user! I find my girlfriends also loving this product too, and kept bugging me for some whenever we’re out together.. Girl, go getcha own! Hehe.. You can find PIXY at your local major retail outlets, chain pharmacy and even hypermarkets like Jusco, Giant, Guardian & Watson.

Watch the TV Commercial featuring Citra Kirana from Indonesia here! :D 

PIXY Website: 
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geek by nerdy said...

wau akak nice.hehehe.cumell ssgt.nak try belilah one.hehhe.akak shea comel sokmo :)

halyda hisham (^_^)v said...

assalamualaikum shea.
just asking.
i already bought the cleansing lotion yang gune cotton pad.
so i kena pakai juga ke yang foam?
a bit confused here :)
help me please in order to retain a healthy skin <3