December 5, 2013


The other day I was bored doing nothing at home, I remembered I have these oh-so yummy tin cases from purchasing my Libresse panty liners (Now the secret of what pantyliner Shea Rasol uses is out shhh!). I love the designs so much I practically wanted to collect them all cause yes, I have a thing for cutesy containers. 

Anddd cause I wanted to have my panty liners stock ready for the next 3 months! Heee! 

To make things even better, inside every tin case, I just found out that there is this tiny booklet, containing a short small quiz called the Flower Personality Test! I usually find myself doing these tests online just for fun, little did I know that I was in for something fun with these tins hehee.. I wanted to know what flower I am, so I took the test below.. 

I’m THE PLAYFUL TULIP! Hahaha.. Never did I guess I would be chosen to be a playful tulip. I figured I was the Artistic Violet. But it was fun though, learning a bit of my personality through this cute test. It says here that I am… 

The Playful Tulip: The bright and colourful Tulip stands out in the limelight as one who embraces spontaneity and novelty. She is adaptable and willing to take risks. With a curious and open mind, the fun-loving Tulip enjoys being different and original, inevitably causing others to sit up and pay attention to wherever she goes. 

Do you think this is true about me? ☺

I think it is! Cause I do find myself to be adventurous one moment, and totally subdued the next. I am also very comfortable in making new friends, and aren’t afraid to say hello and initiate a conversation. I guess that speaks about me when it says that I’m curios and willing to take risks, right? And as for the statement ‘the fun-loving tulip enjoys being different and original ‘, I think you can basically see that in my posts in my blog all this while. I’d love to see myself different in my own skin, at the same time approachable to others. I don’t follow trends, and I definitely resent being too common in just about anything. 

So which flower are you? The rose? The sunflower? The lily? Or are you the orchid? You can basically get your monthly stock of panty liners in these various designs designed by local female designers with their name stamped on each design in support of appreciating our local design scene. I for one am absolutely excited to see real art by real people appreciated this far, especially female designers! Cause trust me, being in the fashion industry really has opened up my eyes to see dedication and passion from women designers too, which is surprisingly not much as compared to male designers. Surely Libresse is a great example of pushing forward the female designers up high like how they deserve to. 

And back to the tins, to have the personality test innit altogether--totally rad! Remember though, this is purely for fun and I find myself amused figuring out my good traits ☺ 

Seriously, my sisters were all “Shea nak tin tu, nak tin niiii!” Yada yada yada.. haha.. Sibuk je! Can’t a girl have her own stuff all to herself? Ahaa! Not with 3 other sisters you have at home XD 

So I suggested them to try out the personality test on Libresse’s facebook page as per below:

Yeah, you can basically take the test by purchasing the tins, or on facebook. But I personally prefer the tins coz I get to keep them ehehehe… The test consists of a bunch of random questions which ultimately determine what type of flower/person you are. 

But what I love most would be how you get to know yourself a little better after taking the test. I mean I’m sure most of you would reevaluate yourself after finding out the results, right? These tins are just the trigger to help you dig out and appreciate your good traits. It certainly made me feel proud of myself, and who I’ve become, and best of all, made me reach out to my full potential by knowing my strength and weaknesses. Most importantly, all women should learn to love themselves and embrace their imperfections ☺ Anyways, yay!

   You my dears, will have the duty of holding all my accessories and knick knacks in place ok! :D
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Yeaa mmg suit dgn sis lah.
Playful tulip :)