December 7, 2013


Good morning Saturday!

What are you guys up to today? Even though I might seem happy and jovial in my posts, I am actually heartbroken with the calamity that a couple of states in Malaysia particularly Pahang, Kelantan, Johor and Terengganu is currently facing right now which is flood. The flood that has been going on for days now is quite major as compared to what we usually experience here in Malaysia. Cause I've seen images from the newspapers that the water levels reach up to the roofs of the houses! Allahu Akbar :'(

This is a crucial time of the year where I believe we, as Malaysians, should be generous in terms of physical and financial help. I am not able to be there first hand to lend a helping hand, but I do hope my prayers and that little amount of help I sent means something to those in need. 


And to finish off, here's my look today, here's me in an ensemble I just can't get enough of! I'm always skeptical about buying pants online cause figuring out the sizes on screen are just too complex for me. But I had to let my doubts go cause I wanted this printed paperbag pants sooo bad! *paperbag pants are the ones with excessive fabric above the waist line.

And turns out, it fits me perfectlehhh!! *I wanna cryyy*

I would suggest you wear a long outerwear or cardi that falls below the bum if you plan on tucking in your shirt. You don't want your tush to be exposed right? *maluuuu*

Tassel shawl: @lilmrspolkadot
Outer Cardi: Supre
Wilma Pants: The Poplook
Bag: Chanel
Heels: Charles & Keith
Sunnies: Prada


Oh, and did you know, I got the most likes and won the Coach contest I entered earlier!
And the lucky reader who gets to shop at Coach for free with me is.....

Do email me at your personal particulars! Congrats dear!
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Sizzling Suzai said...

Yoohoooooo love u shea n cant wait to meet ya again... =) thnx a lot n let me knw if u hvent received my mail yet yar. Btw yup lets pray for them n so sad as my cousies also r the victim lorh... :(

Fatihah Radzi said...

Cantik sangat ni ;)

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