December 25, 2013


Spent my evening last night at Menara Mustafa Kamal where I attended a talk by famous Shaykhs around the world. My friend Lyna shared the event poster a few days prior, and I figured that I needed to be there! Cause the topic was about "Stories of Women in Prophecy" hosted by the talk seriously got me all teared up because it was so emotional for me especially when Shaykh Dr. Muhammad Al-Ninowy (A Syrian American) talked about Khadijah r.a who was the wife of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

The talk also included iconic Muslimahs such as Asiah (wife of Firaun, whom ultimately became the mother of Musa a.s), Fatimah (daughter of Prophet Muhammad pbuh), and Maryam (mother of Isa a.s). I mean, just look and read about all these remarkable women, whom were chosen by Allah swt to help support the lives of our Prophets. Their lives are undoubtedly inspiring.

I am indeed most touched by the stories of Khadijah r.a for I think she was and will always be perfect. She gave up everything, her wealth, her status, her connections, for the religion of Islam. And this was proven when the night where Rasulullah (pbuh) was asked by Jibrael to recite (Iqra') in Mount Hira, he came back home all shivering and trembling from the miraculous experience, and he told Khadijah that he was chosen to bring the new religion (which is Islam) to the people. You know what Khadijah answered? She said "Know that Allah will not let you down." Whereas she could've been skeptical and responded with "Are you dreaming?" "Are you for real??" "How about the safety of our family?" "How about my businesses?" "Are you sure you wanna do this?" etc just like how I as a normal human being would've answered. But she didn't. 

And during the dakwah of Islam, as we all know that our beloved Prophet was faced with many trials and tribulations from the negative feedbacks he received by the people. People threw stones, rocks at him causing him to bleed. And where was Khadijah? Literally and figuratively, she was behind him, one hand, ready to hold and support Muhammad, and the other ready to wipe of the blood from Muhammad's cuts and bruises. (I was crying a river at this moment I tell you!)

Well that's some of the input I got from the talk.. And I wish that the evening wouldn't end cause there was so much to be explored and learned about from our Muslimah icons that help bring the Prophecies up. I have always wanted to find books on the sirahs of the women in Islam in English or Malay, but couldn't find any.. But if you do know, do comment below and tell me the title yaa! It is greatly appreciated!


And here's what I wore the the event.. Something pretty, casual and comfortable. Even though the maxi dress is already modest and covered, I still love layering it up with a long cardi over it hehe.. Not sure why though.. And the belt detail. I adore!! Cause it's gold, and it's stretchable. Hence the comfiness I mentioned earlier :D

Scarf: @everdainty (instashop)
Cardigan: Jakarta
Flare Amnah Maxi dress: Sekoci
Bag & Wedges: Charles & Keith

Next stop?

So for those of you who are attending the sessions at PICC this weekend, do say hi if you bump into me! :D
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lela nurjati said...

Seriously cantik dress..i adore u sis..

Primadita Rahma said...


I agree with you, dear. Khadijah is one great woman and I admire her. I even plan to make a company someday and named it after her, amiiin inshaAllah.

I have this book: which I bought somewhere last year. It's in bahasa, but I hope you can find a Malay version of this book.

Keep on writing, I also enjoy your writings in Aquila :)

Lots of love from Indonesia,

iman said...


"Great Women of Islam" is a great read on the history and biography of Khadija (R) and other amazing women of Islam. It's available at Dar-us Salam's website, if you want.

I hope it helps :)

iman said...


Great Women of Islam is great book about the history and biography of Khadija (R) and also other inspiring women of Islam. You can find it on Dar-us-salam's site,

I hope this helps :)

Anis said...

Assalamualaikum Shea!

I have been a looong silent reader of your blog. Pretty much since The Scarflets was founded. :)

Anyway, such a great & inspiring post. I have always adore, and always searching for books of women in Islam. I have found several in our local MPH. Mostly are in Malay. The MPH I always buy books of women in Islam is in MidValley. Some of them are Wanita-Wanita yang Diceritakan Di Dalam Al-Quran, Srikandi-Srikandi Yang Benar written by Zahiruddin Zabidi, Golden Stories of Sayyida Khadija written by Abdul Malik Mujahid, and many more I couldn't remember. But these are few.

Hope you find my comment beneficial to you! JazaKallahu Khayr. :)

sowhatwhattt said...

Salam Kak Shea,

Can you please tell me the name/code/colour of your scarf please? It is so lovely!

Thank you,