December 4, 2013


Salam aleykum!

Oh my gosh, It's December already! Which means we only have a month left to fulfill our 2013 resolutions! Haha.. About the same time last year, I was so busy engrossed in listing out my supposedly realistic 2013 new year's resolution (cause I know losing weight is not a realistic one..kekeke), and now it's almost 2014! It's giving me the creeps, mannn... 

And apologies for being quite absent in the blogsphere for the entire month last November. I kinda lost my mojo to update this little dusty blog of mine. But fret not, for I am back! :D Have been missing writing to you guys and sharing my outfit inspirations made me rose back up in the game hee..

And last night, le whole family went to celebrate my eldest sister's birthday, and it was my first time treating my whole family to a fine dining type of dinner after being employed for a few months. It was that sort of official celebratory dinner treats if you know what I mean. And the feeling was ultimately rewarding, to see your family members eat in merriment, all on your expense.

Syukur ya Allah :)

Tassel shawl: @lilmrspolkadot (instashop)
Safiyya chiffon cardi: Arlene
Jasmine pink skirt: Arlene
White shirt: Topshop
Bag: Milktee

And here's what I! Yes, I'm actually still wearing this outfit as I'm typing this hehe.. I was inspired by all things marshmallow and decided to pair these items together to create a soft look, just perfect for this gloomy rainy weather we are experiencing in KL this week.

To finish off this comeback post, lemme give you....discounts! :D

From Arlene:
The code is myamethyst 
Upon Check Out, just type myamethyst - you will get 10% discount for all items. t & c applies - limited to 100 transactions & for online purchase only. (Loyalty Point/rebate of 10% from total amt paid still applies for all)

From Milktee:
The code is SHEA10
Upon check out, just type SHEA10 and you are entitled to receive 10% discount on your purchase! This code lasts only for 2 weeks yaa, so hurry!
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geek by nerdy said...

Akak.i miss ur blog..heheheh
Love ur outfit. Nice2 and love it :)

geek by nerdy said...

Akak.i miss ur blog..heheheh
Love ur outfit. Nice2 and love it :)

Hayar. AmanteDeLosLibros said...

I miss your blog :) nice outfit!

najihah hamzah said...

Yeay, thanks to your discount code i bought myself a jasmine too!