January 30, 2014

BOUTIQUE CRUSH: Neng Geulis Hijab

So, last Saturday I made a visit to Neng Geulis Boutique in Kota Damansara. It's a special day where they officially introduced the new face of their label, which is none other than Malaysia's sweetest, Felixia Yeap. I made sure that I arrived on time, cause I didn't wanna miss the event which I have been looking forward to all week.

Fyi, 'Neng Geulis' means 'pretty lady' hee.. I just knew about it too that day, and surprisingly I love what it meant :D And luckily for me too, cause searching for parking at that area was a breeze. It's totally near The Strand, and just opposite to Giant Kota Damansara.

Let's see some piccies!

Event started off with introducing Felixia to the guests and medias.
Felixia shared with us her story and wowed us with her super humble sense of character.
Felixia standing next to the owners of Neng Geulis.
Oh myy, look at the amount of scarves they have in store!
Foodie yum yum!
So many choices, so little time..
Also, a hijab video tutorial from Felixia herself!
Look at the colors...omgggg!
I can't take it anymore.. Need to get some for myself too..hehe..
With the pretty Felixia.. Sorry you had to bend down a bit haha.. (she's super tall ok!)

So if you're a hijab lover, and craving to get some new pieces for your collection, deets are below:

Neng Geulis Hijab
Website | Facebook | Location


And here's today's look.. Decided to rock my tartan skirt from Kree with a shirt dress, worn as an outer for a meeting I attended yesterday. Tartan prints have made its way, and I for one am such a huge fan of em.

Shirt dress: Pretty Chase
Yuna Tartan Skirt: Kree
Hex Satchel: Milktee

Now gonna make me a cuppa green tea.. Till later! x
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ayaiah said...

The outfit you wore to your meeting is beautiful, green and blue combo is quite nice.