January 2, 2014

DEAR SHEA: Letter From The States

This is why it's hard for me to quit blogging..

And yes, I kind of considered quitting this year actually.. And I felt uneasy just by the thought of it too. Can I live with not writing? Will I miss sharing my thoughts and outfit inspirations? Will anyone miss me? All those sorts of things circles my mind before I actually decided to make a final decision.

And just in the nick of time, this email came in.. It's like a sign from above that says 'No, Shea, you should not quit what you love doing'. 

So for now, I vow not to quit! Yes, just because of this letter all the way from Kansas, USA. So thank you Maha! You literally saved me. I wish you all the best and beauty in your future undertakings and may the angels continue to protect you from harm, especially on your first few months of being a hijabi. Remember, a hijab is just not a piece of cloth. It's a way of life. More on that later ya :)

And to make things a lot better, I decided to share letters from my readers up on my blog on a weekly/fortnightly occasion. This is because I get loads of emails from you sweet readers, but I feel like I don't do justice to any of you. So this year, I'm gonna make it different :)

I will feature any letter (randomly selected) on my blog. You can say hi, you can ask questions with regards to any fashion related matters, and also share with me a certain knowledge about Islam/fashion you might have. And insyaAllah I'll feature you here! :D

I hope this comes off as an act of Sunnah that I vow to do lots more of starting this year. 'Make another Muslim happy' was one of the points that Sheikh Taufiq Chowdhury mentioned in his 'Paradise Guaranteed' talk session at the Twins of Faith conference I attended last week. InsyaAllah. 

I hope this will make you happy  :)

P/s: To those who are not comfortable having your name published, just mention it in the email ya ;)
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Sinda Lee said...

its a yayy for me though. shea, u inspired lotsa ppl out there. spread ur own dakwah from your writing as u could as all of us are caliph of Allah. we've been responsible for the contribution to spread the knowledge no matter what form your msg would be as long as someone might able to educate a person to be better.

your role as a teacher to me really help me enhanced my english, gratitude to Allah as well. thank you shea. i love you, hopefully we will able to meet someday. in sha allah.