January 31, 2014


A simple du'aa for the two most important beings in our lives--our parents.

I remember growing up as a kid, I have quite the tantrum when I was about 5-6 years old, specifically when I was in the States. Not sure why it caused me to be so actually. But I would scream and shout with all my might to get what I want that instant.

And here is a tale that my sisters would live to remind me all over again and again hehe.. It was in winter, and I was screaming and crying like a maniac in our cozy little apartment. I was basically trying to grab my mom's attention for something I guess. Couldn't remember what it was. Everyone just ignored me. So it got me pissed more than ever.

My mom said that I kept screaming "Nak Bapakkk!!" (I want Daddy!!), cause my dad didn't stay with us in the US, he stayed back in Malaysia for work. So obviously my dad weren't there. So what's a 6-year old to do right there and then? I grabbed my winter jacket, and wore my boots, and headed out the door to run away!! I believe that I wanted to go and get my dad who was thousands of miles away.

It was snowing heavily. The snow level reached up to my knees if I can remember.

I guess I just missed my dad at that time.

We were in the States for 2 years, and he only came to visit twice if I'm not mistaken, cause he couldn't afford to come as often as he pleases.

Halfway between our apartment and the main road, I stopped, and it suddenly hit me, that I was absolutely crazy to run away from home. With no money whatsoever, how was I to go back to Malaysia to my dad? So I dreaded my way back to our apartment and stayed outside at the porch for hours all frozen up and still mad with something that went on inside a few hours ago.

It was freakingly cold I tell ya.. And I saw my sisters kept peeking out the window to see me sitting outside, all mad and angry (haha me). Later when I cooled down, shamelessly I went back in cause afterall that was my home too. Plus, I couldn't stand the coldness no more. And got teased for this story by my sisters for an eternity til today! They will not let this one go, I tell you. Hahaha..

So what's the point of my story here? Ahh, parents. Love them, cherish them and respect them. Don't do what I did at 6 years old, screaming my lungs out to my mother for something so unimportant back then I believe. In a different scene, I remember crying and screaming to her cause I wanted a toy lion keychain I saw when we walked pass by a store. Like, I REALLY really wanted that keychain. Ohmyyy hahaha..

Good thing I'm no longer that person. But I do have that little trait in me where if anybody messes up with my family, I will be the one making a stand. Anyway, back to our parents, before you know it, time consumes them up, knees are weaker, skins are wrinklier, eyesight visions are poorer and grey hairs are taking over. Now I am almost 26, which makes that story exactly 20 years ago. And both my parents are 20 years older than they were back then. How time flies, right?

Lastly, at whatever age you are, don't leave them. Halfway you'll know you've made the worst mistake of your life just how I almost did, standing in the cold winters day in Syracuse, New York circa 1994.

P/s: Happy becoming 59th birthday to my dad! :D
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Nys Anis said...

It's funny to read . Guess , it's also funny to write huh? :>

May Allah bless whatever we did for our parent :D

ayaiah said...

Lol,my baby brother did the same thing when my family moved from Trinidad to Barbados; he was seven at the time. He had it a bit better weather wise, plus my mom had packed a small suitcase for him. So funny but yet so sad, he missed home so much. Thanks for sharing this story.