January 10, 2014

FASHION FRIDAY: Weddings & Celebrations

Well look at what we've got here.. I must admit, 2014 has been going pretty good so far, especially for all you bride-to-be's.. I'm sure ya'll are busy preparing for your big day, and the last thing you need to worry about are the outfits for your bridesmaids. 

Most of my friends that are tying the knots soon always come up and shared with me how they wish there was a single brand that could cater for bridesmaids. And wallaahh, The Poplook heard your lamp rubbing wishes!

So when I received the subscription newsletter from The Poplook introducing their pride and glory--Weddings & Celebrations Collection in my email, I was like, WOW. 

The first thing that caught my attention are the pastel colors! How can you not love them seen altogether? With pieces in dusty peaches, violets and mint greens, I'm sure selecting THE perfect bridesmaid attire for your girls would be a breeze. So to say that your wedding gown is already of sweet pastel colours, options in darker tones are also there for you. 

Ok, so to make it clear and direct for you, here are some pointers for The Poplook's Weddings & Celebrations collection:

  • The Weddings & Celebrations collection comes in 10 styles, and collectively in 10 colourways, each style comes in 4-6 colours. 
  • All kurung sets are sold separately so that buyers can mix and match freely :) 
  • Matching headscarves will be part of the collection 
  • The collection comes in XS - 4XL, tall and regular lengths. So, there really is something for everyone! 
  •  Price Range: RM32 - RM126 
  • The first part of the collection will be launched on the 9th January and the second part 23rd January.

And since I'm no where near getting married at the moment, I feel like the collections speaks to me as a guest for the countless of wedding invitations I receive this year. Literally, the collection is made for everyone. And the fact that the top and sarong are sold separately, adds the cherry on top. You could totally customise to fit your colour theme of your choice for your dulang girls (bridesmaids).

I personally can't take my eyes off the side-swept Haneem Top, slender-esque Suraya Dress and the very demure Atiqah Top. Ok, I'm honestly playing mix and match in my head right now for my imaginary bridesmaids! Gahhh, all you bride-to-be's are so lucky you have this option for you! I'm utterly jealous. Don't speak to me anymore. Boohoo. Haha.. Ok, I was kidding. Don't ever stop speaking to me mmmkays! :D
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Miss Aini said...

Cantik kan? Daripada nak tempah tailor yg skrg dh naik rm60.00 sepasang. Brilliant one. Memang I nak grab satu. Since u post aboit it, membakor rasa nak beli.