January 6, 2014


Ah, the hijab.. In a class of it's own, and the most significant way to tell the world that you are a Muslim. I have been donning the hijab for a few years now, and right this instant as I'm typing this, I just feel like I have made the right decision to wear them permanently. In fact, I'm glad that this piece of cloth I'm wearing each and every day on a daily basis has become a barrier for me to avoid the unnecessary things that doesn't represent a Muslim. Thank you Allah, for Your mercy to allow me to wear the hijab.

First example I can think of is; you know how when you drive, and some irresponsible driver just ticks you off by cutting lanes without signaling or making a sudden move to cause you to jerk and stop your car suddenly while endangering your life? Those occurrences happen to me a lot. And I bet to you too. So everytime I get pissed off by a wreckless driver on the road, I just feel like lifting a finger right at them! 

But no, I always refrain myself from doing so, because of this piece of cloth I have on my head. It feels so wrong donning a hijab and yet lifting a finger, right? And by all means, thank goodness I have this 'physical conscience' with me that in a way connects to my spiritual conscience. And thus I am saved from doing the unimaginable and following what the devil specifically wants me to do which is getting angry and lifting my middle finger in the air for a complete stranger who happens to have such bad manners on the road. 

You see the connection there?

So yes, a hijab is not just a piece of cloth. It's a way of life. Besides the obvious of covering your aurah from non-mahrams, to me, hijab is kind of like my conscious, ready to assist me do the good instead of the bad. It teaches me to gain control of my akhlaq. After all, I'm human, right? Glitches in life may steer me off easily. But with the hijab, it makes me want to become better. I dunno, I may be wrong, but this is what I feel :)

And ooh, if you're wondering where I got those hijabs I'm wearing from are, here's my personal testimonial after using them for quite a while! :D

I love wearing emerald greens, but I don't have a lot of 'em. Until I saw this baby from Hijria Home. The texture of this material is quite rough, making it super easy for me to shape it up accordingly on my face. It also gives a sensational cooling effect, where I don't know where it came from haha..

These instant shawls are actually made by the Syrians refugees residing here in Malaysia! Not only the material and quality is divine, you also get to shop for charity as they really need your love and care to help their homegrown business here in our country. So this is the best time to be fashionable for a cause! :D

Look at those gorgeous pleats! This is something really new, and I feel like the label has put so much effort in their designs. I love how outstanding it is, while providing a hijab that is wide enough for coverage at the frontal area.

4. Kate
If you love color-blocking, then this shawl practically screams you! It comes in a dual-tone character and is very long and wide (which I highly adore!) to help you wear your hijab creatively--easily! :D And the flow of the material is exquisite.
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