January 27, 2014


Y’know, I’m very much amazed at how many businesses (online that is) that have emerged through time these past few years. Just looking at the comments I receive on my instagram, asking me to visit their instashops made me wonder, ‘wow, everyone’s so business-minded these days!’

Which is GOOD!

The only thing is, with those cool ideas and products that you guys have, I just wish that you guys would equip yourselves with proper knowledge to build that brand instead of just promoting them on someone else’s page. Don’t you think so?

I’m glad that Libresse has started this Website that helps put featured female entrepreneurs in the spotlight! And the illustrations are so eye-catching! :D I delved into the site only to find such magic for women of today who loves to inspire and be inspired, who loves business but lack entrepreneurial skills, and basically everyone! 

There are three sub pages for you to visit: 


In this street, you will see featured women with cool businesses ready to share with you bits and bobs of their business. I loved Juwita Jalil’s one. It’s so rare to find a young lady whose main interest is all things antique. Juwita’s passion started as early as when she was just 4 years old. Apparently Juwita took great interest in her grandfather’s old desk when nobody else saw its value. She later on followed her mother’s footsteps in collecting antiques and took her passion one step further by opening up an antique rental store in KL!

According to her story here, she not only mans a store but does some of the carpentry work herself. This is so admirable because typical girls would not be bothered to get down and dirty. Juwita has my respect for breaking the stereotype that ladies are only in for easy, office jobs. Or jobs that don’t require us to break a sweat.

There are people who work for the sake of earning money, but it’s clear that Juwita is in it for the passion. Her rental store offers restoration service, affordable replica for purchase and consultation, among many others. If you’re into originality and uniqueness, you’ll be glad to know that Juwita’s store also offers custom-built furniture!

Coolness!! Go find out which featured girl is your favorite and let me know! :D


Featuring 3 inspiring women in Malaysia, this section is by far my favorite. They included interviews with 3 ladies with different backgrounds to share with us the ups and downs of their lives making me feel that I am not alone when facing any trouble that I have in my own life. It’s such a relief, y’know? Knowing that through every hardship we go to in life, we are just not alone.

That alone made me feel so grateful for the tests that I have been given as a 25 year old. Yes, I sound like a 40-year-old lady with lots of problems in this world. Trust me, I am way mature than my age, thanks to the life lessons I’ve learnt at such an early age.

I don’t wanna share with you who are the 3 featured ladies in the site. You have to go check it for yourself! Teehee!

And, there are tips for you business newbies in this section too! Yes, you’re welcome ;p


Now this is the section where we appreciate the business products of the women in Malaysia! If you move to the Gosh! That’s Great Gallery, you’ll be able to view the unique products by the women in business. Here you can find information on the products as well as information of the particular businesswoman. If you need advice on starting your own business, or are interested in the offered products, you can also interact with them on Let’s Talk Shop . So cool!

So thank youuu Libresse for providing such an inspiring platform for us girls such as this website. I had the time of my life discovering new people, interesting ideas, insightful points on how to become an entrepreneur one day. That’s why I wanted to let you girls know of this page too.

I bet you’re already at the Women In Business site by now without finishing reading my post, right? Hahaha.. If that’s the case then, see you there!

Libresse Shine On
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