January 20, 2014

SHOUT OUT: Special Day with Felixia Yeap

Assalamualaikum ladies!

If you're a Malaysian, you might've probably heard of Miss Felixia Yeap and her wondrous story, right?

Yep, the international model hailing from Ipoh, Perak, has wowed us with her inspiring story that led her to wear the hijab even though she is not a Muslim. Being in the spotlight for stardom and fame not only brought back Felixia back down to earth when ironically she used to model in representing Malaysia to become a playboy bunny.

You know what, I myself am inspired by her journey, and have personally messaged her on her facebook page, giving her my support and love towards what she aspires to become. But she hasn't replied my message yet, boohoo! Haha.. I bet she receives thousands of messages every day. *Felixia, if you're reading this, do check your facebook fanpage messages ok!* XD

A non-Muslim Chinese girl has actually proven the value of hijab, when she herself claimed that she felt at ease when covering up properly. She felt calm, and more respected for who she is, and not for what her body has to offer. Even though she might still have a few modelling gigs that are still in contract that requires her to appear 'sexy' and sultry, on her normal everyday life, she chooses to don the hijab with matching abayas or baju kurung despite not being a Muslim. Yet. 

Spellbinding, isn't it? I am just at awe with her story. And I believe, I can learn much from her even though I have worn the hijab for almost 12 years now! So go check out her blog for yourself: Felixia Yeap and read up what she has to say.

SOOOO.. when I received an invitation from the ever so popular Neng Geulis Boutique, I was ecstatic! Cause I get to finally meet Felixia in person. *fangirling moment* And the best part is, the event is opened for public! 

So with that, I cordially invite you:

Don't be jelly if I get to see her and you don't.. haha.. I invited you already, so make yourselves available on the said day and date! :D

Aside that, let's make prayers so that our wonderful sister, Felixia, will be granted hidayah and become a Muslim as a whole one day, cause I honestly believe that Allah is Great. He bestows hidayah upon whoever He wishes to and in His own terms. And for Felixia, her story is something new which we can all learn a thing or two from.

See you there! :D
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