January 14, 2014


Feeling a bit unwell today. Well not just today actually. I had and still have these dry coughs and a lil bit of flu since last weekend. It hurts sooo bad y'know? The ones where every single cough causes you to feel a poking sensation right in the throat. Huwaa..

So I headed out to get my meds today.. hopefully by tomorrow it will subside and I can sing again! Chewahhh haha..

Shirt: Cotton On
Drendra Skirt: Seqoci
Bag: Alexander Wang

Loving the waist detail on my skirt! Giving my look a bit of texture, doesn't it? :)
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Yatre Hayati said...

You still look gorgeous and beautiful even you are sick. You still rock the outfit. Get well soon :)

geek by nerdy said...

akak shea.get well soon.omg ur style so gojes sis :)
love love love

pAri-ParI tErbAng tiNgGi said...


tugba ilgen said...

Güzel etek

tugba ilgen said...

Guzel etek

Maisarah Afandi said...

I love your skirt too!!!! I've been reading your blog for more than a year now. And I always look forward to your next post. Keep blogging, keep inspiring :)

Zatil Aqmar said...

the bag omg :O <3