February 28, 2014

FAITH FRIDAY: Iman in Our Hearts

Assalamualaikum servants of the Most Glorious Allah,

I don't know about you but I admit it, personally, I sometimes get carried away with worldly things and work leading me to get lost in time which ultimately causes me to perform my prayers LATE :( I'm sure some of you might've gone through that too.. But if you don't, then by all means, I should learn a thing or two from you! :)

So I figured that there was no way for me to live my life like this sampai bila2 kan.. So I decided to download an app that sends out solah reminders and alerts. I'm not sure whether you've heard of this app called "Iman" before, but this was the first app that caught my attention due to its simple iOS-like layout design. Hehe..

Besides updating you with beeps/adhan alerts (you can adjust to your liking for every individual prayer times) to call for prayer, it comes with other cool features such as the qiblah compass, masjid locator, tasbeeh, and excerpts of a few selected surahs with translations in BM. Too perfect, right? Not yet.. hehe.. You can also customise the colour theme of the layout to your liking! So I had mine in turquoise and *ehem* amethyst to make it look cheerful.

You can search for this app called Iman in the appStore or android store (sorry, don't know what's it called)  and they have the free and paid version. Pick which ones best for you :) I hope this post was beneficial to you as it was for me when I first found out about this cool app. Happy praying! :D
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Ili Nabilah Norman Kamil said...

Salam kak Shea. Tried search ni App Store. TP xde. :-(

Nak mint akak confirm kan Nama apps tu boleh?. Thank you sok much!! Or kak Shea can put up a link on le comments. Thanks a lot!!! Really adore ur style.