February 20, 2014

THOUGHTSY THURSDAY: Precious Memories with Instax Share SP-1

Heyyy you guys, may I ask you a question? What bums you the most with Instax cameras?

*I know! I know!*

It's the dreaded:
"Oh noooo, this picture you took is slanted"
"My face is cut into halffff"
"What's this disturbing glare??"
"I wasn't readyyy!!"

Am I right?

And the fact that each box of polaroid films costs a bomb, you just can't afford to waste a film onto a mistake your friend might've done during snapping pics of you. Seriously, I go through the same thing. And I honestly kinda feel tired of ruining precious films on error shots.

And then, there's this beacon of hope that shines down on all of us instax freaks:
The Instax Share SP-1!!

In a nutshell: It's an Instax printer that you can connect to your smartphone via wifi and have your polaroid pictures printed from there! When I heard about this printer, I was like hooooyeahhh!! Now I get to edit and make sure my images are perfect before printing them out. Which obviously saves me the trouble of buying boxes and boxes of instax films just because of those pesky error shots I always get with polaroid cameras.

Lemme explain to you in a pictorial form..

Turn on your Instax Share SP, click on your wifi icon on your phone, and connect to the printer

Then activate your "Instax Share APP" that is pre installed earlier

{In-app} Choose your image source option (I always choose from my album as I always edit my photos outside the app first)

{In-app} Edit your photos: You can add filters / text / dates / change templates / and edit the image sizes up to your liking (go crazy!)

Aaaand, print!

Get ready to witness some awesomeness exiting your printer hehe.. And you're done!

Way too cool, huh? I love this small and compact printer sooo much! Cause I write a lot in my diary, and I too have a memory jar this year, so what I love to do is print some pics and paste them in my diary or stash them in my memory jar for memories' sake.

I can't help but admire this little bug cause of its super small and compact size, it has a subtle shimmering plastic body (you have to look closely, sorry my pics don't do justice), no need to refill inks whatsoever, just buy the usual instax films that is also compatible with all instax minis, comes with a protective pouch and it saves my moneyyy!! hahaha...

And one more little detail I love about it, is that, it comes with a REPRINT button on the side, saving the last image you just printed in its memory, so let's say you want to print a couple more images to hand out to your buddies, it's just a press of a button! :D Afterall, polaroid images are best shared with everyone, right? Imagine you printing it out and saving it only for yourself.. eeekk :/

Just a little note though, don't brighten up your images on your phone prior printing. It prints clearer with the original brightness. But of course, you're free to roam filters, you filter crazy person, you! (That's me :p)

This baby was just launched a few months ago, and people everywhere are queuing up for it. I got mine at the usual place I always get my instaxes: Saffawati's Shop. You could email her to enquire or purchase the printer cause it is such a convenience to own and use one. Or better yet, lemme just summarise the shop's details for you:

Saffawati Shop
Email: saffawati@gmail.com

Hope this post was beneficial to you! Just thought I shared something so cool to my cool readers :D
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msredcheesecake said...

now i have instax 25, indeed, it cost alot for each film like rm 2++... this printer, cool!!

Meilina Utomo said...

it's lovely :)


Mahirah Zainudin said...

Hi Shea! Is the quality of the picture the same as the original polaroids? Thanks in advance!

ms.bulat said...

must get this !! saves so much film! & no one complains the outcome hahahahaha