February 11, 2014

TRENDY TUESDAY: All Black Affair

Wore this simple all-black look to attend my birthday celebration hosted by my family last Sunday. They were such angels to organise such a beautiful triple birthday celebration for my dad, me and my brother-in-law cause apparently the three of us were born in February. So it's wise to have a one single major celebration all at once ya?

Excuse my puffy eyebags though, been crying my eyeballs out the day before (on my actual birthday) for some stupid reason not worth my time at all. So here's my look! ;)

Scarf: ubranded
Trousers: Cotton On
Bag: Kate Spade
Heels: H&M

Oh, and I think you might've noticed the new header. Yeah, figured out I needed a more simple header to match my already matured age. haha.. Have an awesome Tuesday ahead ya!
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geek by nerdy said...

Salam kak.
Ok u look superb.hehehe.
cumel ssgt.

waris said...

Every girl around your age cry over small silly things on their birthdays.
I think.
At least I did.
But hey, it's not stupid, it's cute.