March 2, 2014

STYLE SUNDAY: Songket & Denim

Attended an event yesterday wearing this outfit combination which consists of two distinctive materials, the songket and denim. Giving a fresh new take on songket, I figured hey why not I pair it with something that's current and young, right? With that, I personally think that you can just wear songket casually as opposed to how its always referred as--a formalwear piece.

Scarf: @lilmrspolkadot (instashop)
Denim Shirt: Milktee
Bag: @shoodycollection (instashop)

I have been looking all over for a denim shirt that's in light blue shade cause sometimes those in stores tend to be too edgy/grundgy. Definitely not me. But this one was perfect. And it goes really well with my Dian Pelangi songket skirt which is just exquisite. Thank goodness for online shops! I finally could have my own after seeing my gorgeous friend, Dian, in this skirt creation of hers not too long ago. 
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Effortlessly beautiful, Kak Shea! :)

Kartini Zulkifli said...

Hi shea..kalau tak keberatan,boleh tak u share u guna model camera pe ye utk sume pic yg u snap n upload dalam blog ni :)

Kartini Zulkifli said...

Hi shea..if u dont mind,boleh tak u share u guna model camera pe ye utk sume pic u snap n upload dalam blog ni :)

Dikki Setiawan said...

Nice style.. Kunjungi