March 10, 2014


Assalmualaikum dear blog,

This post can't wait till Thoughtsy Thursday.

I'm so glad to be back home, to be able to write here again in this beloved blog of mine. I went to Medan for 4 days last weekend and will have my story up in my column at Aquila Style soon. Meanwhile, I write here today with a heavy heart with what seems to be an affliction to us Malaysians, and I believe, to the world too, when MH370 literally went missing.

I'm sure it bugs you most of the time too, feeling all anxious and curious to what could've been to MH370. This uncertainty is killing me, and without a single doubt, I'm sure is killing the family and friends of people who are actually onboard. 

I believe that everything happens for a reason, and Allah swt has planned every single detail to perfection. So let's not question Qada' and Qadr. In my 26 years of living, never have I seen Malaysia to be so united, so compassionate, so concerned for another fellow Malaysian. Everyone is holding hands praying in our little hearts to receive a bit of light, of hope for those who are involved. Masjids everywhere are holding congregational prayers in asking for the best from the Almighty, Malaysian medias are frequently updating the people, talks and discussions are abound, and yesterday when I turned on the radio, slow ballads are played back to back, with what seems to have songs of hope and miracles.

Ever since young, my dad always told me that KLIA is one of the world's best airports, we have the best airline, it stands up to par to airlines from first world countries and still are til today. Even better, to see how good Malaysia Airlines is during this devastating here.

Where ever you might be in this world, and from which country you are reading this post from, I hope you can submit a bit of your time to send your prayers to MH370 and the people involved. Malaysia is currently very gloomy and sad, all we need is your neverending support, love and prayers.

A bed of pastel orange and pink cottony clouds

Can you believe it, I snapped this photo from my iPhone, during my flight back home yesterday from Medan during sunset. It was the most breathtaking view I have ever seen in my entire life, complete with pastel hues of purple, pink and orange, all coming from the sun's ray that's about to set on the horizon on the right. My flight was at 17:55, and this photo was taken around 18:15. Upon seeing this, I just can't thank Allah enough for lending me this eyesight, for this rare opportunity, and most of all, for this LIFE.

MH370, please come back home safely.
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Yuyu said...

Dear Allah, bless the souls on MH370. Grant their family peace & patience. Please ya Allah. Ameen.

nur 'atikah jamsuri said...

pray for mh370...:(

Zatil Aqmar said...