March 4, 2014


As a Muslim, nothing beats the true modesty that a Jubah (or an abaya) dress brings, right? I'm a sucker for abayas, jalabiyas, jubah, or whatever you may call it cause I think it represents a Muslimah as a whole. It's loose, it's long, non sheer and nowadays, jubah choices are aplenty. So don't tell me that there are no pretty jubahs out there. There are. Just so happens they don't look well hung on hangers, they're pretty with you in them.

And this pink and white jubah dress combi from Love to Dress is my current current favorite. But not for long though, cause I saw online that now they have released their latest collections! *stressss* haha.. (Click here to see).

Mesh Clutch: Old Blossom Box
Chanel iPhone case: The Casing House

Are you a fan of jubah dresses? :)

A short note:

Omygoshhh, have you guys heard of this Herbal Essences Neo Gal Party? It’s actually the first ever party in Malaysia, where there’ll be lotsa games and activities. Not to mention, food and prizes too!!

Am totally gonna be there cause Cheesie and Chuckei will also be there too *I have girly crushes on them* Not forgetting Miasuraya, Bobostephanie, Fourfeetnine and Bwincessnana!

If you want to be there, enter this contest (between the 1st-31st March 2014):
All you have to do is submit your Japanese-inspired OOTD/beauty/makeup styles on my blog, instagram, and hashtag your photos with #herbalessences and @shearasol. Frickin easy!

Can I submit this "Soft Lavender" selfie and win some tix too? :D

4 winners will be selected to win and receive an invitation to this awesome possum party! Watchu waitin’ for? Let’s do this! :D

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Krystle Jaramillo said...

Love the outfit!

muka petak petak said...

shea u pakai saiz apa ye..

Milanita_MP3 said...

Masha'Allah what a nice hijab style. I think this is a different style than the hijab tutorial you made before? If it is not a bother I would absolutely love if you could show how you did this style. Jazak Allahu khayrun sis!

phatgurl said...

Salam Shea,
I've tagged you at instagram for this contest. Just trying my luck :-)

ig: @yatoque