April 30, 2014

ANNOUNCEMENT: Meet Taylor Swift??

I love music, and I listen to many types of genres too. But when liking a certain musician or a celebrity, I’m very picky when it comes to one. I would choose those that have an exceptional talent, and possess a good behavior (as an artist). One of it would definitely be--TAYLOR SWIFT!

So when I heard that she’s coming down to KL for her Asia Tour, I was like WHATTTTTT!! I screamed to my sister claiming that I wanted to go to her concert sooo bad cause I dig her Red album so much! 

As of now, I heard that the tickets are already sold out okayyy! It was actually sold out earlier this year to be exact. Can you imagine my frustrations when I heard about it?? 

But lucky you (and me), now that there’s a chance for you to win a pair of tickets to her concert and meet her in person! While at it, you’ll be sure to receive an exclusive photo session with her too!! OMGGGGG.. I so wanna enter this contest!

So tell me now, do you want to catch Taylor Swift perform LIVE in Malaysia this 11th June 2014? Then participate in this contest:

Best part yet, 3 lucky winners could meet Taylor super close up!!! (The mean girl in me is hating you right nowwww!!) Hahaha.. 

 Enter this contest above, and don’t forget to LIKE the AIA facebook page with your entry. 


Bye uolls! I’m trying out my luck in entering this contest. I sooooo wanna meet herrrr!! ☹ Don’t forget to try your luck too!
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